The Family of Arbuthnott
Foreword by the Viscount of Arbuthnott

This "history" was compiled, at my request, by my sister the Hon Mrs Christy Bing. I asked her to try and draw together as many threads of the family story as she could to demonstrate how far we have travelled and what it is that draws us back to the place of our common origin. I felt it was appropriate to have such a background to our gathering this May. She has used the various references she mentions but, I believe, was inspired as much as anything by the many letters we have had from you all, welcoming this move to reinforce the best spirit or our inheritance. I hope you will like what she has done as much as I do and that her work will encourage you to help us compile an authoritative account of the story of every branch of our far flung family. Her account is deliberately aimed at stimulating such interest and we know that it is by no means exhaustive in any respect but we owe her a sincere debt of gratitude for her achievement.

Arbuthnott, April 1977

The Family of Arbuthnott...

  • The Derivation
  • The Meaning of the Name
  • The Location
  • Early History
  • The Founding of the Family
  • The Spelling of Arbuthnot(t)
  • The Fortunes of the Family at Home and Abroad
  • The Family at Arbuthnott
  • The Family Starts to Disperse
  • The Family of Dr John Arbuthnot
  • The Family in...
    • Ireland
    • United States of America
    • Canada
    • South Africa
    • India
    • Australia
    • Europe
  • Thanks go to...

The genealogy of the "main branch"
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