The Family of Arbuthnott

The Derivation

Arbuthnott is the name of an exact geographical location. Those who have the surname Arbuthnot or Arbuthnott must have an ancestor who came from that place or at least from within the parish of Arbuthnott, the barony and ecclesiastical district of which Arbuthnott castle and church would have been the administrative centre. [Webmaster's note: or have been named after such a person or have adopted the name through choice - e.g. Malcolm Arbuthnot, RI, FRSA]

The Meaning of the Name

The name Arbuthnot(t) comes from the celtic Aberbuthenot or Aberbothenoth meaning 'the place where the burn called Buthenot(h) joins the (Bervie) waters'.

This is derived from -
ABER - the confluence or joining of (a small stream to a river).
BOTH - a dwelling or place.
NOT(H) / NET(H) - a stream that descends
BUTHENOT(H) - 'little one of (healing) power'. (This name was also given to other streams and springs believed to have the power to cure sickness in cattle or other creatures).

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