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Many Arbuthnot(t)s spent their working lives in India, initially as merchants, then in the Army or working for the Indian Civil Service. They will be found in tables E part 1  E part 2  K part 1  K part 2  I  J  L  49  and  120. Among others George Arbuthnot of Elderslie (Table J [to see which you will have to register]), brother of Sir William Arbuthnot, Bart., went first to Ceylon and then to Madras, India, where he was taken on as partner in the firm Lautour & Co., Bankers. He later became head of the firm and renamed it 'Arbuthnot & Co.'. The bank failed spectacularly on 26th October 1906.

Most of those who worked in India retired to Britain, but some married locally (or didn't) and a few remained there. Such laisons were not acknowledged by the families at home and were therefore not recorded. Five Eurasian sons and one Eurasian daughter were born to two sons of the 8th Viscount of Arbuthnott (Table E  [to see which you will have to register]), and a number of their descendants live in the Bangalore area of Madras.

Gradually we will be uploading baptisms, births, deaths and marriages.

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