It is hoped that an
Arbuthnot Family Gathering
will occur in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
30th June - 2nd July 2006
It is possible that the
Curtain, Dawson, Hayes, Minor, Scott, Trask and Veal
families may be invited to join it.

Written invitations may be sent to the following people

All members of the Arbuthnot Family Association (USA)
All members of the Arbuthnot Family Association Council (UK)
All those named Arbuthnot living in AK, AL, GA, IL, KY, LA, MO, MS, NC, SC, TN & TX
All descendants of James Lycurgus Arbuthnot
and a notice will be posted  

Committee (provisional) - volunteers wanted - email is a pre-requisite
Guy Lane Arbuthnot III (Chairman)
Betsy Henry (Genealogy)
Renee Small
Linda M Johnson (Booklet)
Arthurine Turner
Bessie Arbuthnot (Tee shirts)
Sarah Lott
Arthur Scott
Sir William Arbuthnot Bt (this web-page)

We have already had indications, rather than a commitment, that the following would be interested in coming
Betsy Henry (USA AFA Genealogist)
Sir William Arbuthnot Bt (AFA Genealogist)

Friday, July 2, 2024
Activities:   To be arranged

Saturday, July 3
Sightseeing Tour:  Woodville, Centerville & Locust Hill Plantation

Sunday, July 4
Church Service   10:00am
Activities:   To be arranged

the Homewood Suites - $99.00 plus tax per night and
the Microtel

- Double queen beds $47.95 plus taxes per night
and Single queen bed $37.95 plus tax per night.

Only orders paid for in advance will be delivered at the Reunion,
New orders will not be available at the Reunion.
Sizes available .... How many?
S 34-36 ________ M 38-40 ________ L 40-44 ________
XL  46-48 ________   2X  52 ________   3X  56 ________


Reunion fees at $__ $_________


Reunion fees at $__ $_________
Tee shirts at $12 $_________


* No orders will be accepted until 1 January 2024

Correspondence please to Guy Lane Arbuthnot III
Snail address is:
13719 Waterhouse Way Orlando, FL 32828-8349

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