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Merchandise (wanted & for sale)

There are always buyers of "Memories of the Arbuthnots of Aberdeenshire & Kincardineshire" out there.
The book remains subject to copyright - which is now owned by Sir William Arbuthnot
If you know of a copy for sale please let us know
We will advise those who have told us they have one or want one.

Buyer: leather-covered.  Sir William Arbuthnot               not known
He also wants The Elliots : the story of a border clan by Dora Eliott of Stobs (Seeley Service & Co)

Buyers: cloth-covered:  "Tahlia" (Shirley Jean) Arbuthnot  not known 
                                   Terry L Ashby, Jr                       65 
Seller: cloth-covered:    Last one sold at       140   (est.€50-70)

The Webmaster is searching for:      Anything Arbuthnot(t) that you wish to sell.
Books, bibles, silver, anything crested, medals, gaming counters, footmen's chairs, letters and photographs.
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7795 0707.        Mobile: 079 464 333 84

The Webmaster will sell for a nominal sum luggage, particularly trunks,
painted ARBUTHNOT in large letters - in London - buyer collects

The following items can be bought through the Arbuthnott Family Association
(for details see foot of page - clicking them won't work!)

Item Price Plus additional re postage Plus airmail postage outside UK Plus seamail postage outside UK Plus postage within UK
Arbuthnott tartan. 12oz medium worsted double width (# below) 30.00 per yd
Brooches - crest in belt and buckle - sterling silver 55 .
Worsted head scarves 10 .
Pure wool tartan scarves 10
Silk head scarves 20 .
Silk sashes 90 .
"The Lairds of Arbuthnott" by the Hon Mrs Christy Bing 9.99 .
Travelling rugs - shetland wool (36" x 54") 30
Bed rugs - shetland wool (60" x 80") 60
Highland woollen shawls 30 .
Woollen sash25
Mens' woollen scarves 30 .
Ties 12 .
Bow ties12
Photograph frame 5" x 7"25
Photograph frame 6" x 8"30
Mini malt whisky4
Wooden plaques (crest and motto on tartan backed shield) 20 .

NOTE:  Postage will be added in all cases 

We do not guarantee to be able to hold these prices

#    If you wish to have a kilt or "trews" made up, please write to Charles Robert Arbuthnott
For a kilt (4 yards), he needs to know measurement around the waist
and from just above the hip to mid knee-cap; 
he recommends Piob Mhor of Blairgowrie and will put you in touch with them.
Trews can be made up by your own tailor (you will need 1 1/2 yards double width).
The measurements required are waist, upper seat, seat, outside leg, inside leg.
The likely costs (per Hamish Macnab, tel 020-7735 2255, Mobile: 07973-213 449) are:
off the peg 180/160, tailored 240 / 220 (depending whether you or he supplies the tartan).

bottle openers, cufflinks, fridge magnet, golf marker,
keyfobs, keyrings, lapel pin, money clip, teaspoons

Available through ScotGold Products, Banchory

  Arbuthnott Tartan carpet
Available through Carpets of Worth, Stourport (tel 01562 745000)
Each roll (45 linear metres) at 0.69m or 0.91m wide would cost around 3,500 incl VAT
The design is    B2 K2 B10 K8 G4 W2 G4 B4 G4 W2 G4 K8 B2 K2 B2 K2 B8

Date:          3 August 2001              From:         Gregory Page-Turner
  For sale:     Portrait of
Admiral Marriot Arbuthnot. Table B
I have just acquired a portrait of Admiral Mariot Arbuthnot by Thomas Beach (1738-1806), the portrait has just been cleaned and restored. I wonder whether any of your Arbuthnot connections would be interested in purchasing (probable price range 8,000-12,000).  The portrait is oil on canvas and it measures 30 x 25in. It is recorded in the National Portrait Gallery archives and was until recently in the Beach collection, Reading.  Biography.   I am based in Central London, near the Tate Modern and would be delighted to show the portrait to interested Arbuthnots.

Date:          9 April 2001              From:         Chris Pollard
  Sold:     Pictures for sale. Table K part 1

I have recently purchased 2 pastel -&- chalk portraits by George Richmond (1809-1896):
....... the first depicting John Alves Arbuthnot dated 1858 (1802-1875) 950
....... the second depicting William Arbuthnot son of above dated 1855 (1833-1896)
both 24"x18" in original matching gilt frames 37"x31", 950
....... a watercolour -&- chalk by Carl Hartmann (1818-1857) German, depicting William and his younger brother George sons of John Alves Arbuthnot dated 1846, titled "Going to Eton" 15"x11" in gilt frame  23"x19" badly damaged, 600
....... an oil painting by Macintosh J Macintosh (1847-1913) titled "at Woolhampton, Reading", paper label to verso states a wedding present from J Macintosh to E H Fox -&- Alice Marion Arbuthnot (dau of William) April 18th 1900 12"x10" in original gilt frame 18"x15". 750.

Date:         12 April 2001              From:         David Arbuthnot
  Stolen:     Medals awarded to
Captain Clive Denison Arbuthnot, RN


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To buy any of these items and for further information
please contact
Charles Robert Arbuthnott, Hon Secretary
7A Woodhall Bank, Colinton, Edinburgh, EH13 OHL
Tel:  + 44 (0) 131 441 1815

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