NEWSLETTER - August 2000

Honorary Chairperson
Edna Arbuthnott
(Calgary, AB)
Shauna Arbuthnott-Peers
Robert Glenn Arbuthnott
(Calgary, AB)
Gary Arbuthnot
(Cornwall, ON)
Allister Arbuthnott
(Brampton, ON)
Joyce Arbuthnott
(Brampton, ON)

Dear Member,

Hello again! I hope you are well and enjoying the summer. Now get yourself a cup of tea or perhaps a cooling soft drink, get comfortable, relax, and prepare yourself for a pleasant 'read' because I have a "Trip Down Memory Lane" for you. There are upcoming Gatherings to tell you about, a few 'wise' sayings along the way plus a few heart-rending happenings. So sit back and enjoy!

This past April 2, 2000, Al and I held a mini-Gathering in our home in Brampton. We were just a very small group of 10, but we all enjoyed the comfort and closeness we had with each other. We talked on and on for 4 hours and more on a one to one basis. In a restaurant we are often lined up along two sides of a table making it difficult to talk to the one at the other end! So it worked out very well.

The extensive 'Arbuthnott Gatherings' photo album was looked through, commented on as was the latest 'USA Newsletter'. Our little group agreed the 'Family' newsletter was not a place to discuss politics or world problems etc. It IS a family association and we thought the newsletter should contain interests regarding various members, as was stated by many others in the US.

Our 'bargain rate' dues were discussed also and it was agreed that we should be asking a bit more even though we are not a profit making association. We will continue for the rest of the year 2000 with the $6.00 for Annual Members and a yearly fee of $3.00 for Life Memberships, but in 2001 the rates will be increased, not a lot, but definitely on the upward trend. Anyone wanting to send their fees in ahead of time will still get the 'bargain rate'. But, as of January 1, 2001, the rates will change and we will let you know as soon as we contact other executives across the country, i.e. Calgary, Winnipeg, and Cornwall for their thoughts on this subject too.

We talked about the next 'Scottish Gathering' which I believe is to be '2002' and NOT 2001 as I mistakenly wrote in the last 'Hi-Lites'. The Natal, S.A. Gathering is to take place September 16-18, 2000 and they are celebrating the landing of the first Arbuthnot to settle in Natal, South Africa. We send our Best Wishes and all kinds of Good Luck as you have your first 'Gathering'! Do enjoy! The up-coming 'Omaha, NE Gathering' was also discussed and we are hoping a few Canadians will be able to attend. These get-togethers are always interesting because they are in a different locale each time and it's always wonderful to have a reunion with those you haven't seen in two years.

Although this get-together was not a really formal meeting, we did discuss a lot of items, ate some wonderful food and in general had a delightful time. Thanks for coming out Shirley and Bill Guelph, June and Don Morris from Stratford and our daughter Sharon along with 3 of the young ones - Colin (12 yrs), Erin (9yrs), and Curtis (7yrs) and helping make our afternoon a success!

"The Best Times Are Shared With Friends!"

"Friends Are Never Out of Reach"

The next 'Arbuthnott Gathering' is to be held in CORNWALL, on September 29,30 and October 1, 2000. I am very pleased to be able to tell you too that we will have The Hon. Christy Bing and her husband Peter in attendance! She will have the latest revised version of 'The Lairds of Arbuthnott' with her. If you have not obtained a copy of her book as yet, this will be an opportunity to do so. It's the history of the Arbuthnott family and goes way back to the 1200's! It is a very interesting history book and is our roots! Do hope you will make a special effort to join us. We always enjoy ourselves! I've listed below some of the particulars of this 'Gathering'.

For Out-of-Towners we have chosen the 'MacIntosh Inn' in Morrisburg, ON this time. We will be having dinner Friday evening there and hope some of you can join us for an informal meal about 6:30pm. If you would like to just spend the evening talking and visiting afterwards, that would be wonderful too!

We are planning on going through 'Upper Canada Village' on Saturday, 30th of September, and again if you would like to go along, even the grounds outside the park are just lovely, we would enjoy having you!

Saturday evening, 30th September, is the main event and the time is 6:30pm at the Morrisburg 'MacIntosh Inn'. Plans are still being made so I can't tell you too much more, just that we are looking forward to seeing everyone again! So please, do come out for the evening. It's always a pleasant time and Gary and Eileen both put a lot of effort into making it a good time for all!

Did you realize that 'A Smile is a Curve That Sets Everything Straight?'

Al and I were driving through St. Jacob's, a Mennonite community, the other day and I spotted a sign on a church lawn that read- "A Day Hemmed in Prayer is Less Likely to Unravel!" I liked that one and thought I'd pass it along to you!

Sadly three of our members have passed away in recent months. We would like to send our condolences to the respective families and say how sorry we were to hear the sad news.

CHRISTINA ARBUTHNOTT JONES of New Zealand passed away sometime before Christmas 1999. She was in her early 80's. She is a first cousin of Jean Deshayes of Kelowna, B.C. Christina was a daughter of Jean's father's oldest brother, Dick, who moved to New Zealand shortly after he had returned from S. Africa and the Boer War. He never saw his brother again. Although  I never met Christina, I did meet her daughter Margaret Richards of Rhode Island and grand-daughter Vanessa, who still lives in New Zealand and who both attended the Gathering in Scotland. After this Gathering, she started corresponding with me and she became a Canadian Member of the Association.  Each time a letter arrived from Christina she would tell me she was gradually losing her eyesight and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to either write or read. I will miss hearing from her. May you rest in peace Christina.

MARGARET CATHERINE ROSS ARBUTHNOT passed away peacefully in Winnipeg on February 6, 2000 in her 85th year. She was a grand-daughter of the late John Arbuthnot, one of Winnipeg's early mayors and a prominent businessman. She was born on April 5, 2024 in Chicago, IL, but lived most of her life in Winnipeg. She will be sadly missed by her two brothers, John William and Graham, and her sister, Beverlie Clark plus nieces and nephews.

MILAN ARBUTHNOT passed away at the Woodland Villa in Long Sault, ON on July 17, 2023 at the 'young' age of 87 years. He will be sadly missed by his sister, Iris Moore, a son Kevin and a daughter Laurie as well as all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

EILEEN ARBUTHNOT, Social Convener for the Cornwall, ON group, just celebrated another birthday (never mind which one!) on the 27th of May. She said she had a wonderful day and we wish you many more Eileen! Happy Belated Birthday!

NELDA EVANS of Elora, ON is celebrating her 91st birthday sometime this year! Nelda at the age of 80 graduated from the University of Toronto and the last I heard she was going for her Masters degree after that! Quite an accomplishment at this 'young' age! Congratulations on both these feats, Nelda!

In Scotland, the Mearns community of Arbuthnott held its first gala in living memory recently! Saturday's event was organized as part of the area's millennium celebrations and featured a string of attractions and activities. Those of you who have visited Arbuthnott will remember the Lewis Grassie Gibbon Center and the center was given, on extended loan, a pair of 19th century flagons and basins once used for Communion in the local church. (picture not shown) Below Lord Arbuthnott is being shown one of the flagons.

As promised, a 'Trip Down Memory Lane'! Going back to the year 1978 there was a reunion in Toronto with Viscount John and Lady Mary in attendance. It was at this particular 'Gathering' that Al's dad met up with 5 lost cousins. He hadn't seen them in 50 years, so that really was a big reunion for our family. That generation of Arbuthnotts has since passed away and we, the next line, have been in touch with one another for all these years! Quite remarkable I would say! Do you remember that weekend?

Scotland and the Braemer Games! Oh My! What a rousing afternoon that was! All those wonderful pipe bands and handsome men in their various tartans! The Queen and some of the family are always in attendance too. Who could forget that Gathering?! And the most interesting tours of Arbuthnott House! Many wonderful 'old' pictures and artifacts and then the tour of the Gardens was just lovely!

Cornwall, ON-1998-had their 40th anniversary celebrating the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway with a tour of the Dam where we all wore hard-hats, ate hot-dogs amidst a lot of music and balloons on the lawn! Cornwall has had an annual 'Arbuthnott Get-together' for the past 6-7 years and Eileen always has we out-of-towners over for Sunday dinner! Its a lovely relaxing time with great camaraderie, laughter, and talk! It's on a personal basis and we always enjoy it so much!

New Bern, SC-We stayed in a beautiful hotel by the marina and the city was celebrating their 'Chrysanthemum Festival' while we were there! We walked the streets seeing and trying various new foods and wares. Also visited a lovely big home which had originally belonged to the Governor. It proved to be most interesting!

Winnipeg, MB-A very interesting tour of the Mint and gardens. There were Scottish Dancers who had some of us up and dancing with them. A delightful lunch in the Art Gallery where Al dropped his camera outside on the cement and broke it! We haven't forgotten that incident! I remember too watching the baby peregrine falcons on a TV monitor in the hotel lobby, which was photographing them in their nest on the hotel roof! It was just fascinating seeing them so unaware of humans really close by and yet so far away!

Scottsdale, AZ-I can still hear that rousing pipe band in the dining room after dinner! Raises the hair on the back of my neck! It was wonderful, wonderful! Some of you will remember the ride on the Apache Trail too! That is some trail, beautiful, rugged, at times you are way down in the valley, sometimes rounding a narrow corner on the mountain, and then you are way up high on this same hill! Oh! The memory of it, eh Nicole!!

Spokane, WA-A bus trip to the Grand Coulee Dam and a fantastic slow ride in a tram car which took us way down below into the bowels of the Earth (or so it seemed!). That was the weekend when Dennie Byram (then US Chairman) met us at the door in a wheelchair! That was a surprise! He was so happy we were all going to his Gathering, he stepped backwards off a pick-up floor and fell stretching the ligaments causing him a lot of pain plus an operation to correct the accident. Oh! That must have hurt! He was a game guy though because he went everywhere with us - on the bus trip, through the park and even on the tour through a church! All the while, smiling!

Calgary, AB -1985- A visit with Viscount John and Lady Mary! Scottish dancers and a very enthusiastic audience! A very formal Gathering and many years later a very different Gathering - a 'western dress' visit to Scott and Tammy's Farm! A real 'fun' time with horses to pet and children jumping and squealing with delight while they jumped on a trampoline! Saturday night's dinner a real delight at a very western (all pine decorated with high beams) restaurant with typically large western ribs and chicken! Ummh Good! The entertainment that night too was so different with 'Dan, The One Man Band' playing and singing to us! A most enjoyable weekend which ended with a lovely brunch on Sunday at the hotel! Oh! Such memories we hold dear for many years!

Guelph, ON-Remember our hugely successful picnic in the park at Elora when 93 members got together!? That was way back in 1987! We had Highland Games with teams called 'The Aberdeen Animals!"  "Nessie's Monsters!" And the "Deadly Dirks!" and there were others just as interesting!  At this particular 'do' a couple of clowns (Wendy Kudsia and Joyce Arbuthnott!) walked around handing out candy and balloons. We also had a huge missionary pot bubbling with wonderful corn-on-the-cob and a great big bar-be-que with sizzling hot-dogs! That was quite a picnic! The night before Shirley and Bill had had a lovely Wine and Cheese evening at their home where we all enjoyed many delightful 'goodies' she and her girls had cooked up! Another great weekend 'do'!

Brampton, ON-Last, but not least! A visit to the world-famous CN Tower, The Hockey World of Fame, a tour of Niagara Falls and a visit to the ROM in Toronto all added some spice to this weekend! We can't forget either all the get-togethers we have had at the Mohawk Inn for breakfast or lunch! Also, the wonderful Christmas parties which were held both in Brampton and Guelph always with Santa in attendance giving out gifts to everyone! A fun time with lots of food here too!

We've not only enjoyed all these Gatherings but remember when Shirley and Bill Arbuthnot from Guelph with their family, made up a Cook Book with recipes from all over the world! Now, THAT was quite a project! A lot of work, but it must have been so interesting to hear from people and get their favorite recipes from so many faraway places! Thanks all for that input! I've enjoyed my cookbook many times!

Oh! These were all so very different times, but each wonderful in it's own way! I know I haven't mentioned all the times we've met, but I don't want to bore you with too much of the same. But, we have enjoyed much camaraderie, laughter and of course, food always! Arbuthnotts do love to eat and get together and talk! AND take photographs! I have many photos of all these events as reminders!

That's all for now! But remember: "Happiness seems made to be shared!"

(Jean Racine 1639-1699)

Written and edited by Joyce Arbuthnott