NEWSLETTER - March 2000

Honorary Chairperson
Edna Arbuthnott
(Calgary, AB)
Shauna Arbuthnott-Peers
Robert Glenn Arbuthnott
(Calgary, AB)
Gary Arbuthnot
(Cornwall, ON)
Allister Arbuthnott
(Brampton, ON)
Joyce Arbuthnott
(Brampton, ON)

Dear Member!
Hello! Hello! Happy '2000'! Welcome to the new Millennium and a new 'Hi-Lites' format! Hope you enjoyed a very Merry Christmas last year in 1999 and also the festivities that went on around the world at New Years! I thought it was wonderful! That year, at least for Al and me, seemed to be full of organizing parties of one kind or another! We won't forget it for a few years to come, but then, I'm getting ahead of myself. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to reading this, your latest 'Hi-Lites' of the Arbuthnott Family Association.


It's time to renew your Membership Dues, and glad to report they remain at the same bargain rate as last year! $25.00 for a Family Membership with a $3.00 fee each following year. Annual Members rate is still $6.00! I don't know of another group where it is so reasonable, so just smile when you mail it to me! It's a real break in this day and age, but up to now we've managed nicely for draws/gifts for various Get-togethers.

For those of you who have already sent in your '2000' dues, I Thank You! Looking forward also to hearing from those who are in arrears or those who have yet to pay for the year 2000. Thanks in advance.
--Al Arbuthnott

Going back to last March 1999 a small group of 11 enjoyed lunch at the Mohawk Inn once again. This place has been a central point for us for a few years now, but I think now a change is due. We were able to get caught up in the latest news and events of our various families, some of which was good and other news not so good. We were sorry to hear of the death of one of our members, Roger Gaudette, who passed away of cancer. Our sincere condolences to Joyce and her family.

It was a real pleasure to have Leslie Paradise and her daughter, Dayna, join us. It's been a while since we have seen Leslie and what a change in her daughter. She is growing up to be a lovely young girl of 10 years and very pleasant too! Thanks for coming both of you! Other children are now in university, others in their teens and the babies are no more! Wherever does the time fly? And so fast too! It was another successful, if small, get-together and here it is another new year and I am planning another meeting in April. I have the 2nd of April, 2000 in mind, a Sunday afternoon tea and cookies! But, I would like to hold it in our home in Brampton for a change. So do come at 1:00pm. I'll be watching for you!


In South Africa this year of 2000, Anthony Arbuthnot will be hosting his first Gathering. It is being held in Natal, South Africa on September 17, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the landing of his Arbuthnot ancestor in Natal in 1850. I believe a safari is in the plans, so it should be quite interesting. The Honorable Hugh Arbuthnott and his gracious wife, Ann, will be there to 'cut the ribbon' so to speak.

Our Canadian annual 'Cornwall Gathering' is to be held in the month of September 23, 24, and 25, 2000. This is only in the planning stages at the moment, but there is a good chance we may have Christy and Peter Bing of the Head Family from Scotland attend this get-together this year! So mark the dates on your calendars and plan to come out for the Friday evening chit-chat and/or the Saturday evening dinner. However, I'll be in touch long before then and will update you on what is going on.

Speaking of UPCOMING GATHERINGS , the next USA one is in Omaha, Nebraska, October 6,7, and 8, 2000. Elizabeth (Liz) Hunt of Nebraska is the USA Chairperson and she will host this nationwide reunion. Liz has several places of interest on the agenda, so if you haven't been out west, now would be a good time to visit. Christy and Peter Bing of Scotland will be there to greet everyone.

In the 1999 Newsletter from the UK, the Hon. Hugh Arbuthnott wrote:

"We have sadly lost two of the most enthusiastic supporters of the Association.

First, Jake Arbuthnot, a retired Commander (RN) OBE, who served in the Fleet Air Arm in the Second World War. Jake was the Association Treasurer for many years up to 1996. He coped successfully with two major family gatherings, many AGMs and other meetings, while handling all the transactions and subscriptions in between with patience and good humour.

Secondly, Canon Edmund Arbuthnott, who apart from regularly attending our AGMs up to and including 1998, jointly led the
services in Arbuthnott Church which concluded our initial Gathering in 1977 and the second Gathering in 1992. He was unable to attend in 1997 due to ill health. He was the last of his generation, being the last surviving great-grandchild of John, 8th Viscount, who is the common ancestor of many of the present `double-tts'. His pastoral work as a priest in London Docklands during the war was acknowledged as quite outstanding and he was persuaded against his will to appear on the BBC TV "This Is Your Life", series in the days of Eamonn Andrews.

Edmund completed an autobiography entitled "A Priest's Life" in 1995, which was his Jubilee year, after 60 years in the priesthood. An episode in the book records the occasion when he was living in a house in London in March 1945 that received a direct hit from a German V2 rocket. The service sheet of Edmund's funeral concluded with an extract from "A Priest's Life" describing this episode. I feel it merits wider circulation and I have added it at the end of the Newsletter. I am advised by Elisabeth Evans, Edmund's niece, that "A Priests Life" has been printed and is available from her at St Jacques, St Peter Port,
Guernsey, C.I. GY1 1 SW at £6 including "P&P". I have a copy of the first Edition and can recommend it."

Extract from Father Edmund Arbuthnott's autobiography "A Priest's Life".

Why I Was Spared I Could Not Think

The house ws completely quiet. I was taking my shirt off at about 11:30pm. A sudden flash, then unconsciousness, but not for long. Something has happened, I reasoned. I must be lying on the floor.
I will wait and see if I can get up. No good, I am stuck. I worked my hand up to my neck, it was sticky. Seeing nothing, my hearing had to do extra duty. The only sounds were water and bells. Nothing for it but to wait and pray.

It seemed a long wait...All four storeys of the house fell into the road. A mass of debris lay over me, the removal of any part could bring further collapse. Fortunately, Ted Heming decided to disregard advice. He worked his way through the wreckage until he was hanging head first above me. It was the one thing to locate me, but another to dig me out. The first priest to reach me could only anoint my hand, and he did not enjoy the operation. I made some kind of confession which Ted must also have heard!...Death seemed rather likely. But now the rescue team was at work with Heming at its head. Hot tea was poured over my face, some at least being gratefully received through the mouth. After three hours I was asked to try and move my body and succeeded enough to be extracted. From thereon I knew I was to live, though others, I believe were not so sure.

Two days later in Guy's Hospital, I was stunned to learn that all my fellow-priests in the house were dead and that the housekeeper was in an adjacent ward. Why I was spared I could not think, I will one day know and I can only assume that unlike the three others, I was not ready to die. I must admit that throughout those three hours, I had a comforting experience of God's protective care. This has largely removed any fears of death that I once had.

Remember...Friends are never out of reach.

Our September 'Cornwall Gathering' of 1999 was yet another success! It was a very good weekend and we had another good turnout for the dinner. There were draws and gifts for everyone which Gary Arbuthnot, our Chairperson, managed to obtain for our pleasure!  Nicole Arbuthnot won an afghan while Anlynn McCuaig won some Arbuthnott writing paper. This year we thought it might be a nice touch to surprise everyone and have a piper play for us. He was a young, handsome fellow and played well. We also enjoyed a young dancer who danced her heart out for us. She was 7 year old Saxon Ireland! Well done, Saxon! We enjoyed your dances and thank you ever so much.  We also wish you luck in your future dancing. I know you so enjoy it!  Saxon received a big, cuddly Panda bear from all of us for HER pleasure!

As usual, Eileen Arbuthnott was a wonderful organizer! She again had the out-of-towners over for Sunday brunch and again, it was absolutely delicious! The company was just great too!; We all enjoyed ourselves. It makes such a great ending to a fun weekend! Thanks again, Eileen!
We look forward to being in Cornwall next September 2000!

In this harried life......"Never be afraid to sit awhile and think!"
--Lorraine Hansbury

I found the following little poem in the paper last year and it was actually written for Mother's Day, but I think it could be appropriate anytime, so I thought I'd include it for your pleasure too. Enjoy!

From a Grandfather Who Still Misses His Mother

When I was  a little boy of three.
I sat upon my Mother's knee.
She would wipe away each hurtful tear.
And make all my hurts just disappear.
She was the pal of my cradle days.
And I needed her always.

Since I was a baby upon her knee.
She sacrificed everything for me.
I stole the gold from her hair,
And I put the silver threads in there.
I don't know of any way, to ever repay
The pal of my cradle days.
--Author Unknown

50th Wedding Anniversary

Last September 3rd, Viscount John Arbuthnott and Lady Mary celebrated their Golden Anniversary~50 years of happiness! I had sent a card on behalf of the Canadian contingency and John wrote back to say, "Many Thanks!" He wrote, "It is a great achievement in this day and age!" They had family members there on their special day and they had spent 2 weeks of celebrating ahead of time - a week in June another week in July, one of which was spent in Spain! Also, in October John enjoyed yet another family get-together, this time celebrating in his '75th' birthday! Well, Happy Belated Birthday, John!" And our congratulations for both events again, John and Mary!

When I wrote Viscount John, I had asked him if he had received any new appointments and when he replied back to me, he wrote, "At 75 I will have had to give up just about all the activities that brought any prestige. I do have one more rather curious one I picked up 18 months ago. I was appointed Honorary Air Commodore of an R. Auxiliary Air Force Squadron based at Lenchars. It is the Air Transportable Surgical Squadron of the UK forces and is aimed to fly off with a fully trained surgical and/or medical team to assist in any incident, civil or military, wherever it may happen! It is a purely honorary post and does not mean that I have to fly off too!" Congratulations John on yet another appointment. Always glad to hear of all these interesting events. Thanks for letting me know!


AL ARBUTHNOT: (my hubby!) of Brampton, ON, also celebrated his 75th birthday last August and also celebrated a big anniversary, our 45th! We partied with family and friends here in our own back yard by having and much enjoying a Pig Roast! It was a lot of fun with Piggy mostly smiling all the time. For Al's special birthday, we had another backyard "Do" with about 36 guests! Then on his special day, we and some friends went to a Chinese restaurant, later came back home and just sat and talked up a storm! To create a bit of fun, we had a piñata which all had a turn of hitting.

NICOLE ARBUTHNOT: Had another week in London, England last fall. She visited many of the tourist places, came home to report she'd had a ball! Good for you, Nicole! At the time of writing, Nicole is in Florida enjoying some warmer weather. She will have been down south for about 3-4 weeks by the time she gets back. Hope you enjoyed yourself! You missed a good snow storm here in Ontario! I know! Ahhh! Glad to hear too that you are enjoying retirement!

PEGGY ARBUTHNOT: Of Scarborough, ON, has rejoined the Association and is currently in California for three weeks. She was with us in Cornwall last September for the first time. Enjoyed herself immensely. A big welcome back, Peggy!  We sure enjoyed having you join us! Hope you will come again! We have since met with Peggy's daughter, Sandra, who helps run the family business of a video store. Perhaps we can coax Sandra to come out to one of our Get-togethers!

MARY McMASTER: of Angus, ON, is a very talented lady! For many years, Mary has made beautiful, braided rugs out of pieces of materials from various garments, so that when you see the rug, you are reminded of a certain item you would have worn at some point in time! Her rugs conjure up many memories. She has also made several lovely quilts through the years which several members of her family enjoy and will treasure for many years to come.

DONNA ARBUTHNOT: of High River, AB, is a beautiful painter! She has done many lovely scenes and is the lady who donated so many 5x7 paintings at the last Calgary gathering. Her son, Keith, also is very talented in painting, although does so with a different style.

IRIS MOORE: of Cornwall, ON, is yet another beautiful painter! When you drive up to her front door, one cannot help but notice her attractive garage door. She has painted a most attractive scene of a garden, complete with flowers, a delightful birdhouse and a few butterflies on the door! Its quite unique! Inside her home she has many lovely paintings as well as many other crafts. Also, several of her paintings grace the walls of the Portobello Restaurant where we've held our annual gatherings. She is another very talented lady!

THE HONORABLE CHRISTY and PETER BING of the Head Family from Scotland celebrated their '45' years of wedded bliss last August 31, 1999! Congratulations to both of you!

Wedding Bells rang last September for MABEL McWILLIAMS and WALLY SMYTHE! Our congratulations to the both of you and we wish you many years of happiness!

Written and edited by Joyce Arbuthnott