(Excerpts) NEWSLETTER - March 2000

Excerpts from Letters to the Editor
From Jo Ann Mardis
I think most people with an interest in genealogy would be interested in stories involving Arbuthnots even when they have no connection to their branch. In my search I've found a number of stories I found interesting. I will include some to see what you think.

From: Wm. & Mary Quarterly, 3rd Series, Volume 13
Page 342
James Logan Library is sandwiched between Harvard and Yale. James Logan had the largest and finest collection of classical writing in Colonial America. He stated there was a note in the book “Treatise of Fluxions” by Charles Hay. It was the first English work to explain Newton’s theory and on the flyleaf he wrote, “This author was a fellow student of
Alexander Arbuthnot, who came over to Pennsylvania about the year 1703 and died 1719 at the University of Aberdeen.”

 Page 484-487
Reference Smallpox – Dr. John Arbuthnot supported Dr. Maitland to initiate inoculations for  smallpox.

There was an article in the history of the Post Office in Princeton, IN about my Great great grandfather who was the second Postmaster. He had a saddle business in the center of town and when the mail arrived he raised the window and called out the names who had letters but if there was mail for him he read his before distributing the others sometimes
leaving them out in the rain. Did you know they had to pay 25 cents to get a letter? There were no stamps at that time. That's why there are lists of people who have not claimed their mail. His son became Postmaster later and started post office boxes. There was also an article in the paper saying he had grown such large tomatoes that one would make a
mess for a family – one weighed 3 pounds. He was one of the men who signed the first charter for the first Masonic lodge there.

There was a John Arbuthnot listed in “Mayflower – Deeds and Probates” page 461.

There was a will for Fanny Arbuthnot, November 4, 2023 in the County of Sumner, State of Tennessee. It listed her children: Nancy, Rodedy, Elizabeth, John, and Marcus.

I would be interested in any information about John Arbuthnot who enlisted in the military –  Edenton, N.C. and served 1800-1803. I went to Edenton and could find nothing. I also looked in the library in Raleigh.

I'm sending this for your opinion if you think this format might be of interest. It may be all boring to others, I don't know. Someone might submit information that I could relate to my family. There was an article in the newsletter after the Portland meeting that resulted when a lady responded with information that led me to get a copy of a Deed to George and Martha Washington for land partially owned by Thomas Arbuthnot. I believe Thomas was the grandfather of John Arbuthnot b.1783, my Great great grandfather.

Hoping to see everyone at the next meeting.

From Cheryl Carlyle
As a side note, my Grandmother, Eva Blye Arbuthnot Walter turned this past Christmas Eve. She was telling stories about the night she was born – her sisters didn't want to play with their new dolls on Christmas because they thought she was much more fun. I have decided to do a book that collects such stories and I'm wondering if anyone else has done
one of that nature. I'm also working on the ever-growing book that would include our branch of the family tree with photos, stories, and copies of documents. That has been in production for years and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. 

I've also considered wandering the countryside and taking photos of the homes the family has lived in over the centuries. We've been in this neck of the woods for a couple of hundred years now and there are many to photograph. The others I’ll photograph during my travels if I can find them…

Proposed bylaws of the Arbuthnot Family Association, USA
The proposed bylaws of the association, published in the March newsletter, will be considered at the meeting in Omaha in October.

                         Article 1

                              Section 1.1 Introduction. These are the Bylaws of the Arbuthnot Family
                              Association, USA, hereinafter referred to as the “Association”. The name
                              Arbuthnot includes the name Arbuthnott; both spellings are equally correct. The
                              word “family” refers to all Arbuthnots, with or without the name, whether or not
                              they are members of the Association. Where the context allows, the masculine
                              form, e.g. “he”, includes the feminine.

                              Section 1.2 Goals. The goals of the Association are:

                                   A. To foster, maintain, and strengthen links between members of
                                   the family worldwide.
                                   B. To organize family gatherings.
                                   C. To assist family members to recognize their common ancestry,
                                   and to encourage family appreciation of the origin in the parish of
                                   Arbuthnott in Scotland. The design of the crest and the tartan are
                                   the personal property of the Viscount of Arbuthnott. The members
                                   of the Family Association may wear or use these with the
                                   permission of the Viscount, which may be withdrawn at any time.
                                   [Underlined sentences added by John Orsborn, Treasurer, who
                                   adds that this statement might alternatively be inserted as a
                                   separate article between Articles 4 and 5.]

                         Article 2

                              Section 2.1 Powers and Duties. The Association's governing body, consisting of
                              the Association officers, shall be the Board of Operations, hereafter referred to
                              as the "Board."  The powers and duties of the Board shall be:

                                   A. To make decisions relating to the operating business of the
                                   Association during the interim between general membership
                                   B. To call for a gathering and biennial meeting of the membership
                                   at a time and place determined by the Chairman. If the Chairman
                                   fails to call a meeting, the Chairman-elect may call a meeting with
                                   the concurrence of a quorum of the Board. A quorum shall be a
                                   majority (defined as 50 percent plus 1) of the Board members.
                                   C. The Board by the affirmative vote of a majority of the entire
                                   Board may adopt Standing Orders, not inconsistent with the Bylaws
                                   of the Association, providing for rules and regulations for
                                   administering the business with which the Board is charged.
                                   (Standing Orders may be introduced as a resolution to amend the
                                   Bylaws as considered appropriate by the Board.) [John O.]
                                   D. The Board shall have the power to organize and delegate
                                   business to a committee appointed from the Association
                                   E. The Board shall have the power to appoint honorary members,
                                   in recognition of their good will towards the Association.

                              Section 2.2 Officers. The Association officers shall be:

                                   A. President: The Viscount of Arbuthnott, Scotland. The USA
                                   Family Association acknowledges the sovereignty of the original
                                   Scottish family. Any representatives the family sends to the U.S.
                                   meetings will be welcome.
                                   B. Chairman: Shall administer the affairs and act as spokesman for
                                   the Association. Shall host the next family gathering following his
                                   C. Past Chairman: Shall advise the Board in their duties and assist
                                   the Chairman as needed.
                                   D. Chairman-elect: Shall assist the Chairman, consider the location
                                   of the family gathering, and notify the membership prior to
                                   becoming Chairman.
                                   E. Vice Chairman: Shall assist the Chairman as needed.
                                   F. Secretary: Shall keep records on the proceedings of the Board
                                   and membership meetings, carry on the correspondence of the
                                   Association, publish a newsletter at least twice a year, and maintain
                                   the membership list of the Association. When a new Secretary is
                                   elected at  a biennial meeting, the outgoing Secretary will record
                                   the minutes and will read these minutes at the next meeting. The
                                   Secretary-elect will assume the office immediately after the reading
                                   and approval of the minutes.
                                   G. Treasurer: Shall receive all moneys due to, and distribute all
                                   moneys owed by the Association, keep the Association accounts,
                                   and submit the account reports to the Chairman annually at the
                                   close of the fiscal year hereby established as April 1 through March
                                   31. Complete records of accounts shall be made available at the
                                   Association general meetings. The Chairman shall appoint two
                                   members present at the gathering to review these accounts and
                                   report to the membership at the general meeting. The treasurer
                                   shall keep the secretary and the genealogist apprised of all receipts
                                   of dues to facilitate keeping the paid-up membership rolls current.
                                   [John O.]
                                   H. Genealogist: Shall be the historian and archivist. Shall collect and
                                   update material on Arbuthnots in the U.S.A. and Canada. May
                                   produce revised editions of the four books of Arbuthnots in North
                                   America periodically, which will be offered to family members at a
                                   reasonable price. [OR, as suggested by John O. as a generic
                                   substitute for the preceding sentence, "For a reasonable fee, shall
                                   make available any assembled genealogical information to family

                              Section 2.3 Rules for Officers.  The following rules shall apply to the officers of
                              the Association:

                                   A. All officers, other than the President and Chairman, shall be
                                   elected at the Association general meeting.
                                   B. No person shall hold more than two offices simultaneously.
                                   C. If an officer ceases to hold office at a time other than at the
                                   end of the Association general meeting, the Board shall appoint a
                                   member to fill the vacancy; however, appointed officers must be
                                   elected to their position at the next general meeting.

                         Article 3
                         MEMBERSHIP AND VOTING

                              Section 3.1 Membership. The membership of the Association shall be open to
                              all persons over 18 years of age of Arbuthnot or Arbuthnott descent, and shall
                              include those with or without the Arbuthnot name, and those who have been
                              adopted or have married into the Arbuthnot family.

                              Section 3.2 Application for Membership. Applications should be submitted, along
                              with dues and fees, to the Treasurer.

                              Section 3.3 Dues and Fees. The rules governing annual membership fees are:

                                   A. Life members shall pay one-time dues of $25.00 and mailing
                                   fees of $10.00 per year. Ordinary members shall pay dues of
                                   $15.00 annually.
                                   B. Dues and fees shall be due on admission and on January 1
                                   annually thereafter. Dues and fees of new members admitted
                                   after October 1 shall cover the following calendar year.
                                   C. Dues and fees must be fully paid for membership in good
                                   standing. Any life member delinquent on yearly fees shall be
                                   reinstated upon payment of yearly fees for all years in arrears.

                              Section 3.4 Honorary Membership. Honorary members may be appointed at
                              the discretion of the Board.

                              Section 3.5 Voting. Each Association member in good standing shall be entitled
                              to one vote per question at the Association general meeting. Only members
                              present at the general meeting may vote. No proxy votes will be allowed. The
                              Chairman shall have one vote, he shall have one deciding vote in case of a tie.

                              Section 3.6 Resignation. Members wishing to resign shall notify the Secretary,
                              but shall not be entitled to any refund of their dues or fees. The Board may
                              require the resignation from the Association of any member whose conduct is
                              inconsistent with the Association's Bylaws, provided that the member is given
                              an opportunity to show cause why he should not be required to resign.

                         Article 4

                              Section 4.1 Ordinary Revenue. The ordinary revenue from dues and mailing
                              fees shall be applied to necessary Association expenses. The Board shall
                              propose, for membership approval at the general meeting, dues and fees
                              schedules to cover the Association expenses.

                              Section 4.2 Extraordinary Revenue. Donations and legacies shall be treated as
                              extraordinary revenue and may be used for special projects, subject to the
                              approval of the Board. Extraordinary revenue shall be held separately from
                              ordinary revenue and shall be managed or invested by a Trustee committee
                              appointed by the Board. Such Trustees shall be not less than three in number,
                              and will be subject to Board reappointment at each Association general
                              meeting. The Trustee committee shall be required to consent unanimously to
                              the buying or selling of any assets. The Board may make appeals for donations
                              in order to fulfill the goals of the Association.

                              Section 4.3  Banking Institutions.  The Association's funds shall be located in
                              the name of The Arbuthnot Family Association, USA, with a bank, savings &
                              loan, or credit union approved by the Board.

                         Article 5

                              Section 5.1 Location and Date. The Association shall hold family gatherings
                              biennially at a place chosen by the Chairman, when an Association general
                              meeting will be held.  If the biennial year coincides with the year of the
                              Arbuthnott gathering in Scotland, the USA meeting may be held the following
                              year, and then every two years thereafter.

                              Section 5.2 Reports. The Chairman shall present a review of the actions of the
                              Board during the period since the last general meeting and entertain a motion
                              for approval by the members present. A statement of account and the
                              minutes of the previous meeting will be read. Committees will give their reports.
                              The genealogist will report the highlights of information gathered since the last
                              report and any other relevant information considered of interest to the
                              assembled members. Announcements concerning future gatherings will be
                              made. [John O.]

                              Section 5.3 Elections. Nominations will be taken and elections held to fill

                              Section 5.4 Appointments. The Board may appoint members to assist as

                              Section 5.5 Other Business. Voting on other business may take place.

                         Article 6
                         AMENDMENTS TO THE BYLAWS

                              Section 6.1 Resolutions. Changes to the Bylaws may be proposed by any
                              member in good standing. Resolutions shall be presented in writing to any
                              Board member. The Board shall have the power to reject the proposal or to
                              present it at the next meeting of the membership. Board-sponsored resolutions
                              must have majority vote of the Board.

                              Section 6.2 Publication of Resolutions. The Secretary shall publish, in the
                              Association Newsletter, those resolutions proposing changes in the current
                              Bylaws, so that the membership may review them.

                              Section 6.3 Voting on Resolutions. Voting on acceptance or refusal of
                              resolutions will be at the next Association general meeting. Resolutions must
                              have a two-thirds favorable majority of the members present in order to
                              amend the Bylaws.

                                   Bylaws passed by membership _____________(DATE.)

 The next letter which will be published sometime in July will be devoted exclusively to the gathering in Omaha.

                         In Memoriam
                         Greta Rutley Chaney, 28 October 2023 - 16 January 2000. 

                         Greta was a long-time member of the association and a loyal Arbuthnot descendant. She was born in Finch, Ontario, Canada, daughter of Hugh Emanuel and Armina Arbuthnot Rutley. Greta moved to the USA, married Albert Chaney, and had three sons and a daughter. She enjoyed doing cement sculpture and painting. 

From Betsy Henry:
News of Next Meeting
The Arbuthnot Gathering in Omaha will be October 6 - 8 at the Clarion Hotel Carlisle in southwest Omaha. Room rate is $69 per room, plus tax, for up to 4 people, which includes a complementary breakfast and free airport transportation. There is space for motor homes at the back of the parking lot. The hotel telephone number is 402-331-8220. Although there is an 800 number for Clarion hotels, please call the hotel directly to ask for the special rate for the Arbuthnot gathering. Calling early will increase your chances of being able to stay at this hotel. The banquet will be held this year on Sunday evening, Oct. 8, which is the day before Columbus Day.

There are numerous attractions in the Omaha area, including Boys Town, Durham Western Heritage Museum, Freedom Park/USA, Omaha Zoo and Wildlife Safari, Strategic Air Command Museum, Gerald R. Ford Birthplace and Gardens, Heartland of America Park and Fountain, Joslyn Art Museum, Mahoney State Park, Memorial Park, Mormon Trail Center and Winter Quarters, Mt. Vernon Gardens, and Old Market, an area of shops. 

Wearing of the Tartan
         International Tartan Day is July 1. This year is the 218th anniversary of the repeal of the act of the British Parliament making the wearing of the tartan punishable by seven years transportation to the colonies. From 1747 until 1782, the wearing of Highland clothes was forbidden.  We are encouraged to wear something tartan on July 1.