NEWSLETTER - October 1999

The Arbuthnot website is once again active..I find the easiest way for me to reach the site is to use Yahoo.com as my search engine and search for Arbuthnot. The 4th or 5th hit (Arbuthnot Family) will go directly to the web site then search the site to suit yourself.

I have a letter from Christy Bing. Her Book "The Lairds of Arbuthnott" has been reprinted and is now available. You may order your copy on the web site or if you need to use mail her address is The Lodge, Church Street, Edzell Scotland DD9 7TQ. Christy is the sister of Sir John the current Laird and Viscount of Arbuthnott.

Her letter: "I hope you are both keeping fit and that life is treating you well. Thank you so much for sending the American Arbuthnot newsletter, it made fascinating reading. It is just amazing how the Arbuthnots have flourished in the States! What a task Betsy Henry has undertaken. One thing interested me which has nothing to do with the family - it is this business of changing BC and AD to bce and ce. I came across this for the first time in a book that I was given recently. "The Oxford Companion to the Bible" which was published in New York. This form of dating is used in it. One would have thought a book with a religious theme that they would have stuck to Before Christ and Anno Domini. It means I suppose that it has now been formally adopted in the States, as yet I have not come across it here.

"It is marvelous the amount of news you are getting. I imagine the internet helps a lot in this respect. I was delighted to see the extract about my father, thanks for that.

I am sending you a copy of the reprint of "The Lairds of Arbuthnott". There are about 50 minor alterations, the most significant being an update on the present Laird becoming a Knight of the Thistle.

Peter and I mean to come to the Gathering in Omaha, all being well.  I say that because last time we had to cancel owing to my ill health, lets hope next year we can manage it.

Best wishes to you and Barbara, Yours ever, Christy

As Christy and Peter are planning on coming to the gathering in Omaha, I would hope that we here are all making similar plans.

From: Edith A.Hayes; (Via U S Mail) I am sending $25.00 for a life-time membership.  Last Year I only paid $10 thinking that I might not be here a year. But I'm still perking at 82, and at the rate I'm going places and doing things I just might be around to 80 at Omaha. Then hopefully the meeting after that will be in Florida. I grew up in Orlando and went to college at Tallahasse-class of 1938. I'm still auditing classes at UNLV here in Las Vegas, taking organ lessons, belong to a travel club, play cards, read good books, enjoy my pets & roses and a few other things. I try not to be thinking about getting old. Sometimes it's hard but I think I do pretty well. Enjoyed the newsletter.  Edith A. Hayes.

Edith it appears to me you do VERY WELL.

From Betsy Henry, (Via E-mail:) You asked for feed back on your latest newsletter. Being known as a fault-finder, I feel obliged to offer some comments. While I support your right to your opinions and your right to share those opinions, I think it is doubtful that the Arbuthnot Association news letter is the appropriate forum for sharing the views of Charlton Heston and the NRA. Not being a political action organization, our new letter should focus on topics
related to the Arbuthnot connections we all have, not the personal views of the secretary. We are an association made up of people with diverse viewpoints, with possibly one thing in common, our sharing of a heritage from the Arbuthnotts in Scotland.

We have had many former members let their dues lapse, presumably due to lack of interest. I would not like to think that others might quit the association because of disagreement with your opnion on a non-Arbuthnot-related issue. Respectfully Betsy

From Phyllis Jones, (via E-mail) Hi Glenn; Was glad to see that someone was working on the newsletter. However, I was trying to find a way to tell you that I wasn't happy with the NRA piece. I tried several times to compose a note to you and was unhappy with the way it sounded coming back off the page.  Then Betsy went me a copy of what she had written to you. Now, that is what I feel. And if I were a better author would have written it myself. Sharing our genealogy should be our prime effort.

Glad to see you and Lani are re-starting the web sight. That is such a good quick means of communication.

Some time ago someone in the family asked for information on the Ballou Family. I forgot who asked-but I found a book published by the Ballou Family Assoc. of Am. "The Ballous in America", Published in Woonsocket, R.I. 1942. If you know who asked for the information you might pass this on to them. Have a good Summer   Phyl Jones.

I deserve very little credit for getting the web site back up. A few E-mails here and there is all I did.  Lani and Sir William did all the work.

From Mary Hubbard, (via U.S. Mail) To: Glenn Arbuthnott: Regarding the recent news letter, it certainly was interesting and provided thought-full reading. I particularly enjoyed Heston's talk.

My only problem with the content of the newsletter this time is that it is controversial and some people will take issue saying that this should not be the intent of the Family publication. I disagree with this - it might be neat idea to have some debates and controversy. We'll find out how others feel and get some different points of view. Point of fact: while I am no proponent of guns and never have been, I respect Heston's point of view and do believe in the 2nd Amendment. I just don't think we should use them (guns) against each other!

Anyway controversy is good! Keep-up the good work. I enjoyed reading it and prompted me to write - I don't normally write letters to the editor Sincerely Mary Hubbard.

In Memoriam ( belated,) JAMES ARBUTHNOT, age 92, 781 S. 32nd Ave. died Sunday, May 3, 1998, at Columbus Community Hospital. Mr. Arbuthnot was born July 30, 1905, at Papillion to Samuel and Mamie (Dooley) Arbuthnot. He graduated from Papillion High School and Creighton College of Pharmacy. He married Evelyn Sahs  Jan. 21, 1951, at Omaha.  He lived in Omaha and Papillion where he worked at Turner Park Pharmacy and Jim's Rexall until his retirement in 1972.

Notable Family members: George Frischkorn Wilson descendant of Elizabeth Arbuthnot and Walter J. Wilson through their daughter, Isabella Wilson, all emigrating to the US in 1844, via New York City. Graduated from U. of Miami 1963 with a BBA also from US Navy OCS Newport R.I. Served in Kodiak, Alaska and had three tours in Vietnam. He served in various US Navel assignments. In 1972 assumed duties as Supt. of shipping operations for Salen Shipping Agencies, in Los Angeles until 1974 at which time joined Kelly Hunter &  Co., Inc. A Marine Surveyor.  Became V. Pres. In 1978 and Pres. and principal owner in 1986. Walter holds Pilot licenses in single, multi-eng and glider aircraft with instrument rating.; piloted Hot air Balloons, certified Scuba Diver; Correspondent for Ameri. Inst. of Marine Underwriters of S.Cal., Nat.. Assn of Marine Surveyors, Marine Underwriters of S. Calif.;Nat. Maritime Historical Society and U.S. Naval Institute. Member of Who's Who Executive Club and American Directory of Who's Who. Member Wayne State University Sailing Club 1958-1961.Was involved in Sailing and racing for a number years and a member of various Sailing Associations and clubs from Puerto Rico, to  Detroit, to California (several) and the Philippines.

Marjorie Russo: From July 22, 2023 newspaper. The Book on Marjorie Russo: Long time Mount Vernon library volunteer has seen the world. Marjorie Russo has been volunteering at Mount Vernon Library for a record 44 years. The city recently recognized her for her service to the library.   In 1943, Russo was among thousands of patriotic Americans who joined the Army. She joined 195 other women who were shipped out to Allied headquarter in Algiers, Algeria. She and eight of her shipmates were crammed into a room meant only for two. When she arrived in Algeria she was whisked away to a convent on a hill near the seashore. During the day, she went to the headquarters, where she worked as an all-purpose secretary. She stayed in Algeria for 18 months and then went to Italy where she spent another 18 months. In Italy, Russo could see how the war had destroyed much of what used to be a proud Europe. "There's where you really saw the war and destruction." She said. "I didn't like to see it. It was painful."  By the time she left the army she had earned the Bronze Star for meritorious service.  On discharge Russo spent time in Idaho, New York City, Alaska and finally settled down with her husband, Joseph Russo in Mount Vernon., Washington. Soon after the library was started Russo was encouraged to volunteer. "We had about 25 books to start," she said , laughing. "But after that , we were always pretty full" During her years, the library has gone through several facelifts and improvements.  Its collection of books increased by thousands. Computer stations, videos and weekly programs were added.. "I'll do this as long as I can" she said, "its's been a real pleasure for me."

I have received a "1999 OFFICIAL VISITORS GUIDE for OMAHA" from our Chairperson Elizabeth Hunt. In the next news letter I will cover some of the high lights of this publication.

Please send all correspondence to me, and all dues and other fees to our treasurer John Orsborn at 35355 Co. Rd. 31 Davis, California 95616. John's phone Nr. Is 916-758-8626 if you have any questions.

Glenn Arbuthnott, Secretary