September 2001

Officers of the USA Arbuthnot Family Association:
As elected in Omaha, NE October, 2000

Chairman:   Allan Arbuthnot
Chair-elect:  Caroline Burtt
Vice-Chairman:  Russell Parker
TreasurerJohn Orsborn
SecretaryPhyllis Jones
Newsletter editorVickie Jones
GenealogistBetsy Henry

From:  Allan Arbuthnot
RE:       Florida, 2002

This is the plan as of now. Some changes may be made. I'll send hotel info later, Allan

Location:-  Comfort Inn - 8134 International Drive, Orlando, Fl 32819

Friday - May 24, 2024
Welcome Reception   6:00pm - 8:00pm Comfort Inn
Dinner on own

Saturday - May 25, 2024
Tour Cypress Gardens 8:00am - 3:00pm
Bus + Admission $35:00
Business Meeting after Tour
Dinner & shopping on your own

Sunday - May 26, 2024
SunCruz Casino 9:00am - 3:00pm No charge
Banquet - 6:00pm - 9:00pm    Ming Court

Monday - May 27, 2024
Tour - NASA Kennedy Space Center 9:00am - 2:00pm
Bus + Tour $30.00
Note: Bus will return via Orlando International Airport

Genealogy Progress Report
Betsy Henry, July 2000

Genealogy Report, Betsy Henry, Summer, 2000

As of July, I have completed entering all the tables into the Family Tree Maker program.  This will make a greater variety of formats available at the time of the next update.  Now I am doing the tedious work of proofreading it all. When that is completed I will start working on gathering material for the updates.

If you want to send me any material (births, deaths, marriages, etc. since 1994) before I write to you asking for it, please do so. Please include full names, dates (month names, please, not numbers), and places (city, state).  In the information on marriages, I'd like to have the full names of the people involved, as well as birth dates and places, and the in-laws' full names including mother's maiden name. Any interesting news such as college, military, or career information would also  be very welcome.  You can e-mail me at betsy@arbuthnot.org
or use US mail: 8750 F East Yale Ave., Denver, CO 80231.

Compiled by Betsy Henry

George Arbuthnot, III was born in Elgin, Scotland in 1836 to George Arbuthnot, Jr. and Margaret Gallon. He married Margaret Wilson in 1864 in Pathstruie, Forgandenny, Scotland. Margaret was also born in Scotland in 1836.  They came to the United States immediately after their marriage, and farmed in Wisconsin.  Their children lived in Wisconsin and Colorado.  Some present and former members of the AFA from this family include:

Former AFA Chairman, David M. Arbuthnot, WI;
Former AFA Chairman, Thomas F. Arbuthnot, CO;
Cheryl Arbuthnot, CO;
Jamy Arbuthnot Lawler, UT;
Debra Turner McCoy, NJ;
Jean Arbuthnot Petersen, AZ;
John W. Settle, OH;
Paul George Arbuthnot, OR;
John David Arbuthnot, OR;
Beverly June Arbuthnot Weems, UT;
Lonnie William Arbuthnot, CO;
Brandon Arbuthnot, CO;
Justin Arbuthnot, NY

From: Sir William Arbuthnot, Hon Genealogist & Webmaster (UK, etc)

Betsy Henry has expressed concern to me and others that she feels responsible for my putting certain genealogical and other details on the principal website. She is not responsible for this; I am. Furthermore although I respect the fears that have been put to me, they appear to have very little validity. She disagrees so strongly that she no longer sends me any genealogical information. Obviously we do not put sensitive personal information on the website and we have a strict privacy policy whereby anybody can ask for specific detail relating to them to be removed. We do not remove information about adults at the request of another person; the reason being that most people are not only unconcerned, they welcome the accuracy and detail. If you have any worries, do email me or write to me at 37 Cathcart Road, London SW10 9JG.

Meanwhile I am receiving many more letters and emails adding to my information – as a direct result of that which I have uploaded – and I am grateful to all those who have been so enthusiastic, helpful and encouraging.  The Privacy policy is not as well understood as was hoped.  In order to achieve greater clarity, I have therefore added a Second Section which I have called "Inclinations." The purpose behind it is to expand upon the Privacy Policy so that nobody can be in any doubt as to my understanding and interpretation of the Privacy Policy.

Betsy Henry's Response to Sir William

Sir William and I have been discussing this subject for several months.   I have sent him quotes and forwards from several sources which support my concern about birth dates of living people on the website.  As you can see from his message, he is not persuaded that my concerns are valid.  However, although he has referred to sources which have convinced him that there is no danger of identety theift, as of this writing, he has refused to share any authoritative information with me.  I would actually like to be wrong, and that my concern would go away, because I feel a responsibility not to betray the trust of those who have given me information about their families.  For those who seek more information about the subject of idintity theift, there are several good sources on the Internet.

The quotations are deliberately not reproduced here because doing so would attract those who seek to steel idintaties - to avoid which risk, the spelling on this page is deliberately changed.

Got (computer) skills?

I have just finished talking to Sir William.  He is working on getting "Login Security" set up for the website.  I will be assisting him with this effort, but we would like to know if there are those within the family who might also have the skills to help us out with this project.  We need people who can donate some time and who know asp, Perl, Javascript and/or cgi-bin.

Cheryl Carlile - (Table 58)

Member named "Employee Of The Year"

Maryann Arbuthnot Williamson was overwhelmingly elected the first Employee of the Year at Safe Homes in Augusta, Georgia for the year 2000.  She is the secretary/receptionist at this domestic violence intervention center.  The newsletter that announced her election mentions "her kindness and compassion and professionalism and years of experience in the social service arena."She is a life long member of St. Mary on the Hill Church, and is a 3rd Order Franciscan.  She enjoys spending time with her son, and three grandchildren.

Congratulations, Maryann!

And now, a bit of levity to brighten your day:
"Butfirst Syndrome".

You know, it's when I decide to do the laundry, I start down the hall and notice the newspaper on the table. OK, I'm going to do the laundry BUT FIRST, I'm going to read the newspaper. Then, I notice the mail on the table.  OK, I'll just put the newspaper in the recycle stack...........
BUT FIRST, I'll look through the pile of mail and see if there are any bills to be paid.  Yes, now where's the checkbook? Ooops! There's the empty glass from yesterday on the coffee table.  I'm going to look for that checkbook,
BUT FIRST I need to put the glass in the sink.  I head for the kitchen, look out thewindow, notice my poor flowers need a drink of water, I put the glass in the sink, and darn it, there's the remote for the TV on the kitchen counter.
What's it doing here?  I'll just put it away..............
BUT FIRST I need to water those plants, Head for door and.Aaaaagh!   Stepped on the cat.  Cat needs to be fed, Okay, I'll put that remote away and water the plants........
BUT FIRST I need to feed the cat..........
End of day:     Laundry is not done, newspapers are still on the floor, glass is still in the sink, bills are unpaid, checkbook is still lost, and the cat hid the remote control.  .And when I try to figure out how come nothing got done all day, I'm baffled because I KNOW I WAS BUSY ALL DAY !!!  I realize this condition is serious and I'll get help!

BUT FIRST I think I'll check my E-Mail !