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Office bearers
President        The Rt Hon the Viscount of Arbuthnott, KT
Chairman        Keith, Master of Arbuthnott
Dep Chmn & Treasurer        John Arbuthnott
Charles Robert Arbuthnott
Historian         Hon Christy Bing
Genealogist & Webmaster    Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt

Report on the Gathering of 2002.
The main event of 2002 was the Gathering at Arbuthnott on the weekend of 16/18 August. 110 people participated in one or other of  the events.
The choice of August fitted in with school holidays. In addition we were able to coincide with the Edinburgh Festival and, in particular, to include the Edinburgh Tattoo in the programme.
A coach load of 50 went on Saturday evening to the Tattoo and thoroughly enjoyed it. The party returned to the hotel in the "wee small hours", but were up and ready for the next event later in the morning.
A feature of the Gathering was the number of young people, who entered into the spirit of everything, whether it was Scottish Dancing after dinner, beach cricket or tours of the house, Garden and Estate. John and Ann Arbuthnott set the scene by bringing their whole family of 18.
We were blessed with good weather for a change and were able to hold a family picnic on the beach at St Cyrus. Keith raised the Arbuthnott banner on a sand dune to deter marauders, but we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves.
The Gathering ended with the traditional service in Arbuthnott kirk, with Magnus Arbuthnott piping the congregation in and out.

Council and branch meetings 2002.
The Council of the AFA met at the Link Hotel, Montrose, during the Gathering. Lord Arbuthnott was in the chair. The others present were members of the UK Committee and representatives of the US and Canadian branches.
The Council discussed items raised a the last Council Meeting in September 1997 and one new item,, privacy in relation to the web site.
1.   Gatherings.  These continue on a regular basis in UK, USA and Canada. The South African branch has held one and is likely to carry on.
2.   Further development of branches.  The start up of a branch in South Africa was welcomed.
3.   Membership.  This was considered to be a matter for each branch.
4.   Merchandise.  The range and prices were considered satisfactory.
5.   Privacy.  Privac and identity theft were recognised as serious issuess and were known to bbe  of particular concern in the USA. There was also recognition of the need to protect from litigation the existng web site which was in the name of the AFA. A policy of opting in and out of having their personal details on the web site was considered unworkabe and  unsafe. The problem had been previously discussed with William Arbuthnot, the Family genealogisst, who was present, and his proposal to set up an Arbuthot(t) genealogical website, with restricted accesss under his own name, thus freeing the AFA from any future liability was much appreciated.
The internationally acknowledged high quality of William's work was agreed by the rest of the Council to be a unique asset for the AFA.

The Council Meeting was followed immediately by the AGM of the UK branch, chaired by Keith Arbuthnott.  The attendance was between 30 and 40.  The existing officers were re-elected. Reports were presented by the Secretary, Treasurer and Historian.

News from other branches.
USA    All is going well according to Stan Matthews and "Arizona Bob", who are both veteran Gatherers.  The next US Gathering will be in Sacramento, California in the Spring of 2004. Watch the website for further details.  The new chairman is Caroline Burtt and Phyllis Jones carries on as Secretary. Betsy Henry has nearaly completed work on the Canadian Arbuthnot genealogy updates and still has copies of the US geneaalogy tables.

Canada    The latest newsletter tells us that Barry Sprague Arbuthnot is now East Canada Chairman. Alastair Arbuthnott continues as Treasurer and Joyce continues as Secretary in her own enthusiastic way. All three were at the Arbuthnott Gathering. Joyce gives a glowing account of it but clearly did not fancy walking down the cliff path at St Cyrus.

Family News (since January 2002)
Table E part 1
-   Christopher Arbuthnott, son of the Master of Arbuthnott, married Emily Agg-Manning 19 April 2003.
-   His sister Claire married 25 August 2023 Hugh Craigie-Halkett.
-   Peter J Bing born 22 March 2024
-   Ellie Arbuthnott born to Ian & Jane 26 January 2024
-   Daniel Harington was born to Hugh & Cathy 18 November 2023
Table G
-   Toby J Marks born 9 May 2024 to Louisa Jane Marks, granddau of June Mary Osborne nee Carnegy-Arbuthnott
Table J
-   Benedict McNeile is engaged to be married to Venetia, yr dau of Martin Trowell of W Hanney, Oxon &.Mrs Jane Trowell of Donnington, Berks
Table K
-    Sir Keith Arbuthnot, Bt married Alison Warner 14 February 2024
-    Simon Arbuthnot was a contestant representing Cranfield University in University Challenge 2002/03, taking the team through to the Finals.
-    Nicholas W M Ritchie is expecting a baby in September
Table L
-     Rt Hon James Arbuthnot, MP is serving on the Joint Intelligence Committee
-     Emma Arbuthnot is now a Deputy District Judge and Crown Court Recorder.
Table M
-     Nigel Bruce Arbuthnot is engaged to be married November 2003
-     His sister Joanna Teresa Dori Arbuthnot is engaged to be married, September 2003, to Markos Katires.
Table 13
-    Professor Sir John Arbuthnott took over as Chairman Greater Glasgow Health Board, November 2002
-    His daughter Alison was married in the same month
-    John Arbuthnott died 12 January 2024
-    Janet Sue Arbuthnott died 30 November 2023
Table 8
-   Arthur A Arbuthnot died 16 February 2024
-   Samuel Boyles died March 2002
Table 11
-   Ernest M Arbuthnot died 26 June 2024
Table 35
-   Emily K Arbuthnot born to Robin & Joanna 14 May 2024
Table 40
-   Denholm G Arbuthnot born to David & Rachel 20 September 2023
Table 44
-   Tahlia P Dole born to Wayne (whose parents came to the Gathering in August 2002) & Tregana 20 Nov 2023
Table 1 Carson
-   Hailey E Caldwell born to Colin and Daniella 26 March 2002
Table 1 Samuel
-   Abigail E Lee born to David and Jennifer 12 Feb 2002
Table 2
-   Eleanor Slocum died 1 June 2024
Table 3
-   Annie S Williamson died 22 April 2024
-   Gordon A Cain died 22 October 2023
-   Russell L Bizette Sr died 1 March 2024
-   Connor R Sargent born to Scott & Marie 27 April 2024
-   Xavien Lavon Arbuthnot, born to Justin & Kelly 2 March 2024
-   Kenisa ReeAnn Washington born to Kenneth & Carlisa 27 June 2024
-   Ashton Sinclair Frazier, born to Sonia
-   Louis Donald Arbuthnot died 13 June 2024
-   Dorothy Jane Lewis died 8 October 2023
Table 3b
-   Woodrow W Richards died 3 February 2024
Table 6
-   Leola M Greene died 9 September 2023
Table 57
-   Kathleen A Snyder born to Robert and Gina 29 June 2024
Table 58
-   Sarah Carlile is expecting a son in September
-   Naomi Parker died 12 November 2023
-   Ruth Moke died 26 February 2024
Unidentified USA
John R Arbuthnot,          born 18 July 1930,            died 18 October 2002;
William D Arbuthnot,      born 29 October 1915,      died 11 January 2024

The Websites
The Association's website at is growing apace. It now features four Arbuthnott pieces of music, namely Lady Arbuthnott's Favourite (a strathspey), Sons of the Mearns (a reel), Arbuthnott House and Laus Deo. We are looking for a musically-minded volunteer to lengthen the last two from 20-bars to 32.  We are also looking for a volunteer to write "The Inverbervie Jig", a 32-bar piece in 6/8 time. Suggestions for further enhancements to the websites will be welcomed.

Messages from the Genealogist
1.    Please check the web site for any errors or omissions.
2.    The Events page could do with more support - 

The AGM of the UK branch will be low key and held on Saturday 11th October at the Arbuthnott village hall at 2:30 pm.  It is expected that the 2004 AGM will return to the South.

Yours sincerely,
Charles Robert Arbuthnott
7A Woodhall Bank, Colinton, Edinburgh, EH13 OHL

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The Webmaster, The Arbuthnott Family Association
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