Arbuthnott Family Association

Newsletter 2007

Annual Gathering 2007 UK Branch,

This year we are planning, once again to hold the annual Gathering in London. Following on from the success of the Gathering in October 2006, we will meet at S J Berwins offices in London. It will be on Friday 12th October, at 6.30pm. S J Berwin, 10 Queen Street Place, London EC4R 1BE We are very grateful to S J Berwin for the use of their meeting rooms which gives us ideal facilities for our gathering. The evening will start at 6.30pm, with drinks followed by a short AGM and then a buffet supper. The cost of the evening will be £15.00, including supper. The main purpose of the evening is to meet family and friends and we would encourage partners and friends to join us. Please can you let me know if you are able to come to the gathering, so that I can confirm the arrangements with S J Berwin? My email address is c.arbuthnott at and telephone number 0131 441 1815. I can supply maps and parking details if required. The offices are just by Southwark Bridge, 10 Queen Street Place, and the best tube station is Cannon Street. All details are on this web link

International Gathering July 2008
The planning has started to hold an International Gathering at Arbuthnott on Saturday 19th July and Sunday 20th July 2008. This will give people a chance to visit the village of Arbuthnott, to see the church, the estate and the farm and also to visit Arbuthnott house and garden. Details of the event will be confirmed in April next year and it is hoped that family members from overseas will join us for the gathering.

AGM and Annual Gathering 2006
We enjoyed one of the largest gatherings in London on Friday 13th October when we met for the first time in S J Berwin’s offices. During the past year 10 new life members had joined. It was noted that membership fees would remain unaltered, £35.00 for life membership and £2.50 for annual membership. All the recent new members are under 25, so membership represents excellent value for money. The year saw very modest sales of merchandise, mainly tartan and woollen scarves. The question was asked as to what level of contact was being maintained with Canada and the USA. The answer was given that not as much as before and that this was regrettable. In the past UK members have joined the annual gatherings in the USA and Canada. Details of events and contact details can be made available to anyone who might be interested.

There is a stock of merchandise held for sale which includes woollen scarves, ties, bow ties, woollen shawls, silk head squares, travel rugs and photo frames. All made in tartan. The tartan cloth is stored by the weaver at the mill and can be ordered from the secretary to be sent out direct. All enquiries to c.arbuthnott at or telephone number 0131 441 1815

Family Website,
The family genealogical website has proved to be an excellent source of information for all Arbuthnot(t)s. Anyone who has not had a chance to view the site should register on line with This Newsletter contains a section on Family News, which has been complied by William but please contact either myself, c.arbuthnott at or Sir William Arbuthnot, Family Genealogist, arbuthnot at if you have any items of family news which should be added to the website. At the AGM, the meeting acknowledged the work done by William in respect of the web site.

Future Dates:
Annual Gathering this year will be on Friday 12th October 2007 in London, which will include the AGM and that there will be an International Gathering at Arbuthnott in 2008, 19th and 20th July 2008.

Newsletter by E-mail. I would like to distribute future Newsletters by email and therefore need to up date membership details to include email addresses. Please can you send me your e-mail address to c.arbuthnott at
Charles Arbuthnott 0131 441 1815 July 2007
7A Woodhall Bank,
Edinburgh EH13 0HL