Arbuthnott Family Association (UK) Newsletter, April 2000

May I wish you a Happy Millenium!

The Association’s millennium achievement is to have created a Web site -
This has been a splendid solo effort by William Arbuthnot and I am sure that he would say that it can only be kept up to date by the efforts of all concerned.    This particularly applies to such items as Events and Addresses. Pay a short visit to the site and you will see what I mean.

The pages cover:- Constitution and rules; Committees and contacts; Arbuthnot(t)s on e-mail; Arbuthnot(t) address book; List of members ( 408 ); News and events; Merchandise; Frequently asked questions; Genealogical overview; UK newsletters; USA pages; Canadian pages; Australian pages; South African pages; Photographs; Other sites of possible interest.

I can also recommend Keith Arbuthnott’s website - covering;
Arbuthnott House and garden
The Kirk of St Ternan
3. Self-catering accommodation
4. Other sites of interest.

The Association Website has given rise to a number of enquiries from Arbuthnot(t)s, with whom we had previously had no contact and it seems to be giving a welcome boost to interest in Family History and Genealogy. We have now heard of "The Arbuthnot Saga" written by the late William Daniel Arbuthnot of Killarney, Queensland. We hope more nuggets will come to light. Some of the interest has been encouraged by the "First Families 2001" database being established by the Victorian State Library.

We are looking forward to meeting some new Family members at the A.G.M., as a result of all this. Local news is a little sparse this year, but here is a short medley. There is probably a lot more, but if I do not hear about it, I cannot report it.


1. We congratulate Baroness Wharton (née Arbuthnot) on being elected as one of the 92 hereditary peers to continue to serve in the House of Lords until the final format is established, if ever. Her election by her fellow peers is a tribute to her hard work and effectiveness. [ Sadly, she died shortly thereafter - the Webmaster]

2. We congratulate our President John and Mary on their Golden Wedding in September. A Family celebration was much enjoyed.

3. Professor Sir John Peebles Arbuthnott, after chairing a Commission on Higher Education in Scotland a few years ago, has recently chaired another Commission, this time on the allocation of Resources within the National Health Service in Scotland. As expected, the result has been a transfer of Resources from the likes of Angus and Kincardineshire to Glasgow. We have to admit that we have had a good run up until now. No hard feelings.

The A.G.M. and Buffet Supper will be held once again at The Naval Club, 38 Hill Street, Mayfair, London. The date is Friday, 19th May and we will start with Drinks in the Cunliffe-Owen Room private bar from 6.30. The A.G.M. will be at 7.30pm, followed by the Buffet Supper at 8.00pm. The charge for the evening is £22 per head. However, since we know that there are some Members who prefer to come for the Drinks only for various good reasons, we have established this year a charge of £2.00, as a contribution to hire of the private rooms.



The Arbuthnot Family Association USA Newsletter gets ever more interesting, as Members write in with details of what their Research has uncovered. Thanks to Jo Ann Mardis, who has been to at least one Gathering over here, we have information on an Alexander Arbuthnot who went over to Pennsylvania about the year 1703 and died in 1719 back at the University of Aberdeen. I am sure our experts will track down this Alexander.

Jo Ann also has found that there was a John Arbuthnot listed in the "Mayflower—Deeds and Probates". Does this mean that there was an Arbuthnot among the Pilgrim Fathers on the Mayflower? There’s a thought.

The U.S. Gathering takes place in Omaha, Nebraska, from 6-8 October. The organizer is Elizabeth Hunt, the current U.S. Chairman, whose address is P.O. 212, Albion, Nebraska 68620. My sister, Christy Bing, and Peter are going from here.

South Africa

The Meeting to celebrate the landing of the first Arbuthnot to settle in Natal, South Africa, in 1850, will take place 16-18 September. It will be a fairly low-key affair. There will certainly be two couples going from here, namely, myself and Anne and President John and Mary. Anyone else who is interested should contact me. It will have to be part of a self-organised holiday.


Anne and I were guests (paying) on one of Hugh and Jane Arbuthnott’s Spanish walking safaris . Apparently we were the first Arbuthnotts to participate, which is rather surprising - his nearest relations drop in from time to time but seem reluctant to contribute to this flourishing enterprise! We strongly recommend the exercise . We had an interesting, amusing and not over-demanding sojourn among the hills and valleys of Andalucia ending with a final ascent to Ronda.


The Canadian Branch is as active as ever, thanks to the efforts of Joyce Arbuthnott and her fellow Committee members. The annual Cornwall (Ontario) Gathering is to take place from September 23rd to 25th. It has become a popular event and deserves support from outside Canada.

Yours sincerely,
Hugh S Arbuthnott
Cairnhill, Forfar, Angus DD8 3TQ
Tel/Fax 01307 860230

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