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"Rival" forums
(with apologies to the classicists) . Message board Message board Mailing list
. Arbuthnot companies .
Genealogical reference General Register Office, Scotland .
International Genealogical Index Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  A phenomenal and useful site which is inevitably not invariably accurate.
International Genealogical Index - British Isles ditto - by parish
Ultimate Family Tree .
Burnett family connections .
S J Arbuthnot md, 5 Apr 1892, Geo Harrison Hobson
General Barbara Elrington Douglas,
Hon Mrs William Arbuthnott
Not "Lady" Arbuthnott as stated.  An eccentric woman who brushed past the family extremely briefly.
Barbara Elrington Douglas,
Hon Mrs William Arbuthnott
The Arbuthnott Missal .
Catholic Encyclopaedia: Missal of Arbuthnott .
Lady Arbuthnot's Chamber,
Great Pyramid
A dull site showing a cave interior (4th relieving chamber above the King's Chamber) named after a Lady Arbuthnot (Table K) who lived perhaps in the 1920/30s
H.M.S. Arbuthnot A fictional WWII destroyer or cruiser
P.S. Alexander Arbuthnot An Australian  paddle steamer.
Dr Arbuthnot's Factory of Complete Balls .
The Arbuthnott Times Local newspaper
Road sign .
Harriet and the Duke of Wellington Harriet née Fane,
wife of Charles Arbuthnot
Arbuthnott A poem by Robert Crawford
Arbuthnot Dragon aka "Sir William Arbuthnot"
Films The Man From Snowy River (1986)
Return to Snowy River (1988)
Mark Arbuthnot of Melbourne - Table 44
Steve Arbuthnot of Melbourne - Table 44
The Importance of Being Earnest (1986 TV) Alan Arbuthnott - Table E_2
Grand Theft Auto (1998) Craig Arbuthnott - Table 7
Crossing Jordan (2001) Erijk Arbuthnot Technical
Erik Arbuthnot
Killing the Children of Iraq Felicity Arbuthnot - Table L
 Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004) Keith Arbuthnot (costumer: monster costumes)
Numerous Molly Arbuthnott - Table K_2
Contact (2002) and Hitch Cock (2005) Producer - Andrew John Arbuthnot (born Queensland 6 March 2024) - Table 8
The 4th floor (1999) Sue Arbuthnot - id unknown
Stargate SG-1 (2004) Episode 21 - The Lost City Bonnie Arbuthnot of Chicago - Table 32
A twist of faith (1999) Theresa Arbuthnot - id unknown
Private websites B R Arbuthnot Artist
Jennifer Arbuthnot Buena Vista Univ, Iowa
Peter Arbuthnott .
Ross Noel Arbuthnot zathron of Christchurch, UK
"Sandy Arbuthnot" actually Mike Larkin of Salem, Oregon
Sheeka Arbuthnot actress        Table 6
Academia & Professional University Challenge Catherine Arbuthnott took Birkbeck through to the Finals in a UK high-brow TV quiz
Gary Arbuthnot Flautist.
Prof G W Arbuthnott .
Professor Sir John Arbuthnott .
Richard E Arbuthnot Dir, Admin office, John F Kennedy Space Centre, Florida
Sport Michael Alexander Arbuthnot Team Atlantis           Table 6
Boston University Mike Arbuthnot Table M ??
Mike Arbuthnot Men's indoor track & field records
Arbuthnot Medal The Arbuthnot Naval Long distance rowing bronze medal was awarded to A B Endean in November 1923 and a silver one was awarded Mediterranean 1926.
Arbuthnot Trophy Marathon There is a postcard from the Royal Sovereign, The title is "Presentation of Cup, by Lady Fisher, to HS Carter, winner of Arbuthnot Trophy Marathon, 5th January, 1931". Presumably also Admiral Sir Robert Arbuthnot
Arbuthnot Cup awarded Dunscar, Lancs The Arbuthnot Cup for green bowling 13 July 2003. Admiral Sir Robert Arbuthnot won Indoor Bowls Championship 12 April (1911?)
Arbuthnot Boxing Cup Instituted by the Navy after Sir Robert's death.
Arbuthnot Touring Trophy / Arbuthnot Trial
(Isle of Man, Scotland, Salisbury)
TT (Touring trophy) touring motorcycle racing cup in honour of 3rd man home, Capt (later Adm) Sir Robert Arbuthnot, 1908 on a Triumph - whose favourite Triumph sank at Jutland with the Admiral's ship. Instituted in his memory in the 1920s (designed by Lady Catherine Scott), essentially for the recreation of naval officers, it comprised two laps totalling 75 miles. The 1927 Arbuthnot Trophy Trial occurred over 6 days in Scotland. In 1928 it was held Salisbury area. It was revived for rigid frame pre-1965 machines in 1982 using largely the same route. It was held in Autumn 1983 in Salisbury. The 1984 Arbuthnot Trial, organised by the Salisbury MCC, was run in an area 9 miles from Salisbury Racecourse, with the crunch section being Misselfore, an expanse of chalky mud and an uphill sunken lane.
Commercial - holidays Holidays in Scotland .
The Tallet Cotswolds holidays
Walking holiday in France & Spain Hugh & Jane's walking tours.
Walking holiday in Spain .
Holidays in France .
Commercial websites Arbuthnott Bonar Partnership Bookkeeping & accounting services in Peterhead
Arbuthnot Communications Lesli Arbuthnot
Arbuthnot Drug Co of Belleville, Ks. Est'd 1886 by C M Arbuthnot
President: Bob Arbuthnot
Arbuthnot Ladenburg Partnership - Architects Woodhouse, Bedwells Heath,
Boars Hill, Oxford OX1 5JE
Tel: 01865 736969
5 Gosditch Street,
Cirencester, GL7 2AG   Tel: 01285 641146
Arbuthnot Latham & Co Merchant bank
Arbuthnot Museum Museum in Peterhead
Arbuthnot Opticians Edward ("Ted") Victor Arbuthnot (Table 8)
6 Broad Street, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan CF62 7XP Tel 01446 735551 Fax 01446 745608
Arbuthnot Pensions & Investments Ltd
(part of Arbuthnot Latham & Co)
22 Southernhay West, Exeter,
Devon, EX1 1PR.  Tel: 01392 410 080
David Arbuthnot Racehorse trainer (flat)
Ericksen, Arbuthnot, Kilduff, Day & Lindstrom Inc Californian attorneys at law
Arbuthnot & Cloutier Californian litigation attorneys
Arbac Internet services
Gillanders, Arbuthnot & Co .
Rachel Arbuthnott's Bags Bags
Vanessa Arbuthnott Fabrics
Joyce Coleman Joyce Coleman is a succesful ex-vice president of TWA, speaker, seminar leader and author of "Soul stirrings" (about her roots) Table 3
Soul stirrings - a book
Historical reference Baltersan .
Military reference . .
War graves Arbuthnots who died in the Wars .
The Vietnam Memorial Wall James Malcolm Arbuthnot, b 5 Nov 1946, Killed 30 Mar 66, Recorded Prairie Village, Ks
The Vietnam Memorial Wall
Political reference Rt Hon James Arbuthnot, MP Opposition Chief Whip
under William Hague
Rt Hon James Arbuthnot, MP
Rt Hon James Arbuthnot, MP
Rt Hon James Arbuthnot, MP
Rt Hon James Arbuthnot, MP
The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians Raymond J Arbuthnot of LaVerne, California
Anne Widdecombe's cat
(named after Rt Hon James A.)

Until Sept 2001 Miss Widdecombe
was shadow Home Secretary
'While not known for her experience of men - she declined to tell the egregious Louis Theroux whether she was a virgin or not - the former shadow home secretary Ann Widdecombe is still to write her next novel from a male point of view. "I think men have a terrible time these days," says Ann, 55, "Whenever there's a marriage break-up, custody of the children invariably goes to the mother, regardless of whether their father is a better parent. My next book is going to be about the trials and tribulations of a man who loses custody of his children. Ann, who lives with her 90-year-old mother, Rita, and her two cats Pugwash II and Arbuthnot, has been doing a roaring trade with her second novel, "An Act of Treachery",  particularly at the recent Tory party conference, where it proved a welcome diversion to Edwina Currie's own act of treachery.'   Sunday Telegraph 27 Oct 2023
Legal reference Arbuthnot & Assocs (Illinois 1991) .
Arbuthnott v Feltrim (C.A. 1993) .
Arbuthnot Latham Bank Ltd v Trafalgar Hldgs Ltd (1998 1 WLR 1426) .
. .
. .
"Tartan" sites Electric Scotland An authorised site well worth visiting
Celtic papers Arbuthnot tartan cards, two types of Santas, a Screen Saver and a Dancing Angel Card, cards, prints, screen savers, bookmarks, and notepads
Fiss Commercial site - nothing Arbuthnotly
Gaelic themes They sell a pewter cap badge and a kilt pin. We haven't bought either so we can't comment.
Impressions .
Kansas University This site has nothing to offer
that is not already on this site.
The Irish Edition .
Roots Web Bitty but huge site.
ScotWeb Very commercial
Tartans Not a good site
Lochassynt tartans Another expensive way to buy the tartan
Misc sites Colour swatches .
UK Telephone directories .
The End .

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