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Australian genealogical overview


The family originated in Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire, Scotland where the Chief of the family, the Viscount of Arbuthnott, still lives.  We imagine that all Arbuthnotts come from that area or are descended from people who did so, excepting of course those who chose to take the name.

We do not distinguish between those who spell their surname with one "t" as opposed to two.  Historically it makes no difference and in one document the name was spelled "Arbuthnot", "Arbuthnott" and Arbuthnoth". At the moment, it is generally accurate to say that most of the two "t"s are found in Scotland, while the one "t"s who are about nine times as numerous, live elsewhere.

It is intended to develop this site so that most people will be able to find and recognise an ancestor shown in the table below.  We resist the urge to link tables where we simply don't know of any precise connection between them other than the name.

Incidentally, if you are looking for help re Scottish Genealogy, we recommend that you ask us first and then lean on the Scots Ancestry Research Society. We asked them who they recommend in Ireland and they said they refer people to Ulster Historical Foundation, Balmoral Buildings, 12 College Square East, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT1 6DD or Heritage World, 26 Market Square, Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland BT70 1AB.

Genealogical tables
Table(s) Book Description Comment
  7 . The descendants of John Arbuthnott and Jean, nee Lackie.  William Arbuthnott and his wife Margaret Wilson came to Canada from Scotland in 1913 with their 7 oldest children and settled in Manitoba. James Arbuthnott, William's brother, also came to Canada in 1913, married Henrietta Russell, and settled in Alberta. Frederick Adam Arbuthnott, a nephew, came to Canada from Scotland in 1922 and married Agnes How. Descendants of this family, and those of another brother who went to New Zealand, live throughout Canada and the US. Canada, USA & Australasia
  8 4 This family includes descendants of Robert Arbuthnot and Mary Bell of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Some family members remained in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, while others settled in England, Wales and Australia. Samuel Arbuthnot, a great-grandson, married Martha Paul and lived in British Columbia. Many descendants of this family live in Alberta. The connection with Scotland has not yet been researched. Ireland, Canada,  USA & Australia
  10 . The descendants of Thomas (?) Arbuthnot and Sarah Dunbar
James Arbuthnot of Co.Down, whose mother's name was Sarah Dunbar and whose father's name may have been Thomas, went to Queensland after his marriage to Rose Johnson in 1853. They had five sons, Thomas, James, Robert, William and John, also three daughters, Margaret, Sarah, and Rose. Six generations of their descendants have lived in Queensland.
Queensland, Australia
  11 . The descendants of Alexander Arbuthnot and Elizabeth Brown, nee Mackenzie
This branch includes Jean Arbuthnot of Tarwin Lower. It includes the genealogy of the branch after whom is named the Paddle steamer (P.S.) P.S. Alexander Arbuthnot.
  26 . The descendants of William and Elizabeth Arbuthnot
- Now merged into Table 10
  29 . The descendants of John James Arbuthnot and Georgina, née Shand Australia
  44 . The descendants of William Arbuthnot and Elizabeth Ann, née Simpson who emigrated "from Down to Doon " Australia
  54 . The descendants of Alexander Arbuthnot ( 1779) and Agnes, née Drummond Scotland, Sth Africa & Australia
  88 .

Now merged into Table 44

  120 .

The descendants of William and Adelaide Arbuthnot

  124 .

The descendants of Louis and Denise Arbuthnot
- Now part of Table 44

  125 .

The descendants of Samuel Arbuthnot of Ardtrea, Northern Ireland
- Now part of Table 8


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