We think it unlikely that Betsy is struggling to answer the questions. Perhaps she is struggling to find one answer to several questions which have more than one potential answer.

Answers consistent with the Questions in the Quiz are as follows:-

1.   Your great aunt or
      your grandmother
2.   Your 2nd cousin
3.   Your great grandmother (assuming "Father" married only once and that aunt is a full aunt)
4.   Your 2nd cousin
5.   Your sister-in-law
6.   Your 1st cousin's 1st cousin (who is not a relation) or
      Your brother or
      Your self
7.   your son or your nephew
8.   your stepmother
9.   your great grandfather (assuming your uncle is your parent's brother) or
      your 1st cousin's great grandfather (if the uncle is your parent's sister's husband)
10.  your grandfather
11.  your great grandfather
12.  your sister or brother (assuming you are female)
       or your first cousin or
       your self (assuming you have a sister and no brother)
13.  your wife (assuming they are grandchildren through your son) or
       your son-in-law's mother (who is not a relation)
14.  yourself (if your niece is your brother's daughter & you are male) or
       your other brother (if your niece is your brother's daughter and you are female) or
       your niece's uncle (if your niece is your sister's daughter)
15.  No relation. She is just your aunt's niece (by marriage).

Questions:   Who are
John R Arbuthnot,          born 18 July 1930,            died 18 October 2002;
William D Arbuthnot,      born 29 October 1915,     died 11 January 2024


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