The Family of Arbuthnott

Thanks are due to those who provided information, the sources have included :
  • 'Memories of the Arbuthnots of Kincardineshire and Aberdeenshire' by Mrs. P.S-M.Arbuthnot.
  • Notes on American Arbuthnots researched by Mrs. Ruth Arbuthnot Parker of Florida, USA.
  • Notes on Arbuthnot Family History compiled by Robert Arbuthnott.
  • Family Trees sent by Miss Helen C.Arbuthnot of California, USA and Mrs. Margaret Ann Ridall.
  • Papers and letters held by Lord Arbuthnott.

Letters from members of the family written in response to the circular announcing the proposed formation of a family association and the gathering in May 1977.

The Family of Arbuthnott...

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