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The concept behind this page is to list books, films, etc in which Arbuthnots and Arbuthnott appear, whether as author or hero(ine), whether real or fiction.  If you know of more, please let us know.



Author Publisher Title ISBN Comment
G A Aitken Oxford Life & Works of Arbuthnot Biography of Dr John Arbuthnot
Mrs Arbuthnot Notes on hackle-making machinery and machine tools (24pp).

Reference: MS 101/10/4/6

Collection of Wm.R.Stewart & Sons (Hacklemakers) Ltd
Sir Alexander John Arbuthnot KCSI CIE T Fisher Unwin Memories of Rugby & India Posthumous autobiography
Sir Alexander John Arbuthnot KCSI CIE 1899 & 1988 Lord Clive; the foundation of British rule in India (Builders of Greater Britain) B0006ADXGM
Sir Alexander John Arbuthnot KCSI CIE Select reports of criminal cases, determined in the Court of Foujdaree Udalat of Madras
Rev Andy R C Arbuthnot All you need is more and more of Jesus
Rev Andy R C Arbuthnot Christian Prayer & Healing
Rev Andy R C & Audrey Arbuthnot Love that heals


Anthony William Arbuthnot Arbuthnot Family Assoc (Sth African Branch) 2001 The descendants of James Arbuthnot of Dens


Excellent genealogical history of Table M
Archibald Arbuthnot Garland Pub. Memoirs of the remarkable life and surprising adventures of Miss Jenny Cameron


Hon Barbara Arbuthnott The Henwife

12,664 Kb pdf

Table E part 2  
Captain Arbuthnot L'Africaine

In the Koch Collection of Plays & Books, Miami University

Susan Soros & Catherine Arbuthnott Yale University Press 2003 Thomas Jekyll: Architect and Designer, 1827-1881


David John Arbuthnot D J Arbuthnot 1985 From Down to Doon

Excellent history of Table 44

Felicity Arbuthnot Iraq - The Bradt Travel Guide Table L
Foster Fitzgerald Arbuthnot (Editor) Kama Sutra of Vatasyana
Foster Fitzgerald Arbuthnot Darf, Jan 1984 Arabic Authors
Foster Fitzgerald Arbuthnot Wm Heinemann 1900 The Mysteries of Chronology
Foster Fitzgerald Arbuthnot (Translator) The Ananga Ranga or The Hindu Art of Love
Rev George Arbuthnot 2nd edition, 1889 Morgan's Penny Guide. Two Hours in Stratford On Avon - An Itinerarium Illustrated 28 page guide book Table K part 1
Rev George Arbuthnot printed by Edward  Fox c.1899 A Guide to the Collegiate Church of Stratford On Avon Table K part 1
Prof Gordon W Arbuthnott Chemical Signalling in the Basal Ganglia
Prof Gordon W Arbuthnott Transmitter Molecules in the Brain
Prof Gordon W Arbuthnott (editor) Morphological Investigations of Single Neurons in Vitro
Beatrice Curtis Brown and Helen Arbuthnot Artist's and Writers Guild, New York. 1943 The Story of England Illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren
Hugh James Arbuthnott Macmillan 1979, 1989 A Common Man's Guide to the Common Market
Prof Jack Braeden Arbuthnot Harper & Row, 1981 Teaching Moral Reasoning: Theory and Practice Table 6
Joan Arbuthnot Jonathan Cape, London 1935 More profit than gold Table K part 1
Dr John Arbuthnot Oxford The History of John Bull Downloadable
Dr John Arbuthnot An argument in favour of divine providence
Dr John Arbuthnot London: J & R Tonson and S Draper 1751 An essay concerning the effects of air on human bodies
William King & Dr John Arbuthnot Miscellany of the Wits
John Bernard Arbuthnot 1932 Arms and the Irishman B0006AM1D8
Prof John Peebles Arbuthnott The Determinants Of Bacterial and Viral Pathogenicity
Kevin Arbuthnot Making children mind without losing yours
Kevin Arbuthnot Windows on the world - complete wine course 2002
Kevin Arbuthnot Making sense of the men in your life, what makes them tick and how to live in harmony
Prof Rhona Flin & Kevin Arbuthnot (editor) Incident command : Tales from the hot seat
Prof Mabel Florence Arbuthnot Henry Harrison, NY, 1975 Selected Poems Table 4
Prof Mabel Florence Arbuthnot Henry Harrison, NY, 1940 Carmina Table 4  This is 31pps of poetry some of which previously published in "Christian"
Marcia, Mrs Charles Arbuthnot The Journal of Mrs Arbuthnot Autobiography
Margaret Evelyn Arbuthnot A short story of a long life Autobiography of Caroline Ramsay Hay, Mrs Arbuthnot
Mary Evelyn Arbuthnot The Mystery of Mrs Charles Arbuthnot's Diary
May Hill Arbuthnot 1947 Children and Books
May Hill Arbuthnot Scott Foresman Children's Reading in the Home
May Hill Arbuthnot 1951 Time for Poetry
May Hill Arbuthnot 1952 Arbuthnot Anthology of Children's Literature
May Hill Arbuthnot 1952 Time for Fairy Tales
May Hill Arbuthnot 1952 Time for True Tales
May Hill Arbuthnot 1966 Children's Books Too Good to Miss
May Hill Arbuthnot 1968 Time for Stories Past and Present
May Hill Arbuthnot The Real Mother Goose Introduction by MHA
May Hill Arbuthnot 1970 Time for Old Magic
May Hill Arbuthnot 1971 Time for New Magic
William S  Gray & Mary (May Hill) Arbuthnot Scott Foreman & Co, 1947 People & Progress
William S  Gray & May Hill Arbuthnot W J  Gage & Co, 1956 More Friends & Neighbours
Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot Pearson,
July 1996
An American Artist in World War II : Jason Schoener at Eniwetok Atoll
Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot Mexico Shining: Versions of Aztec songs 0894107852
Mrs P S-M Arbuthnot Geo Allen & Unwin 1920 Memories of the Arbuthnots of Kincardineshire & Aberdeenshire

The copyright owner
has uploaded this to the
web in pdf format

The definitive genealogy at 1920, based on the Scots Peerage
Mrs P S-M Arbuthnot George Bell & Sons, 1907 Queen Mary's Book Poems & essays by Mary Queen of Scots
Mrs P S-M Arbuthnot The Sleeping Beauty of Groot Constantia A play
Dr Thomas Shaw Arbuthnot W W Norton & Co, New York, 1954 African Hunt
Grand Safari
A Trip to Kashmir
Heroes of Peace
Safaris in E Africa 1927. Table 2
Mrs W R Arbuthnot Recollections of Mrs W R Arbuthnot (1839-1912) Founder of the Women's Protestant Movement
Canon Edmund Arbuthnott St Jacques A Priest's Life Autobiography
A Aspinall (ed.) The Correspondence of Charles Arbuthnot
L M Beattie John Arbuthnot, Mathemetician and satirist Biography of Dr John Arbuthnot
The Hon Mrs Christy Bing Agnate Press The Lairds of Arbuthnott 0-9535923-0-8 Highly recommended history
Gordon Arbuthnot Cain 1999 Everybody Wins! Autobiography about his life in the chemical industry. Table 3.
Joyce Molly-Jean Coleman, dau of Lula Sims, née Arbuthnot Locust Hill Publishing Soul stirrings 0970091842 Concerning her spiritual growth as a descendant of slaves who were offspring of their owner, James Arbuthnot (Table 3). The author was a vice-president TWA.
Conal Condren Satire, lies and politics: The case of Dr Arbuthnot 0312175159
M A Ridall & E R Henry 3rd edition - 2003 Arbuthnots in North America Several Vols of genealogy
Franklin Benjamin Hough 1975 Siege of Charleston by the British Fleet & Army under the Command of Admiral Arbuthnot and Sir Henry Clinton
Patricia Koster (Intro) Augustan Reprint Soc Arbuthnotiana 040470154x Catalogue of Dr Arbuthnot's library 1779
Murdock Matheson Dr John Arbuthnot & the Satire on science in his day
John Moir, III Drawn up in 1815. Short Genealogical Memoirs of The Families of The Name of Arbuthnot The copyright owner is minded soon to upload this to the web in pdf format The only (manuscript) copy of this book is in the possession of Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt.
Richard Reid Yass Heritage Project A decent set of girls-- : the Irish Famine Orphans of the Thomas Arbuthnot, 1849-1850 064627449X
Harry Gordon Slade Arbuthnott House From "Proceedings of the Society: Scottish Antiquities" Vol 110, Session 1978-80, pp 432-74
E A Smith 1994 Wellington and the Arbuthnots 0-7509-0629-4 Excellent book about the triangular relationship between the Duke, Charles and Harriet
B Smith-Arbuthnot 1984 Straws in the Wind: An Indication of Political Climates Between 1980-1983
Robert C Steensma Gale 1979 Dr John Arbuthnot 0805767495
Geo. Clark Suttie 1907, reprinted 1992 Arbuthnott - With some reminiscences of the Parish 60 years ago
Rangaswamy Srinivasan EastWest Books (Madras) PVT. Ltd., 571 Poonamallee High Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai 600 029, India. 2006 The Fall of Arbuthnot & Co 81-88661-40-6  
Nigel Tranter . Tapestry of the Boar Reference to the Arbuthnot who supposedly cooked the Sheriff of the Mearns
Isabella Williamson & George Boardman 2001, Arbuthnott Community Association The Annals of Arbuthnott - Parts I & II 146 & 118 page history booklets of pictures and text on this small Kincardineshire village.


Author Publisher Title Hero ISBN Comment
Evelyn Anthony 1987 A place to hide The tragedy-torn world of the Arbuthnot family spans two generations of Anglo-Irish bound together by violence and death - and with the greatest drama yet to come. His mother, the daughter of a local famer, died giving him birth.  His father, a wealthy Anglo-Irishman, has hated him ever since.  Growing up unloved and resented, Frank Arbuthnot forges a bond with the only one he can - his half-sister Claire, five years his junior. When Claire learns years later and miles apart that her brother is missing, she starts on a terrifying journey across Ireland to find him.  But Frank, having rejected his background of wealth and privilege, and under the sway of a beautiful IRA terrorist with whom he has fallen in love, has long been a pawn in the murderous game of Irish politics.  When he turns on the rebels after an act of brutal violence, his lover, Marie, who is insanely jealous of Claire, the only rival she can never overcome, betrays him. Claire is tracked by both British intelligence and members of the IRA, playing out a deadly game of cat and mouse, she suddenly remembers an isolated and desolate park in County Meath with a secret place where she and Frank hid as children and where she thinks he must have taken refuge. It is a hiding place that she must find again if either of them is to survive.
Frank D Arbuthnot Arbuthnot Publishing House, Oklahoma 1994 Hold back the wind Historical Indian fiction
Gill Arbuthnott, Edinburgh teacher Floris 2003 The Chaos Clock Childrens fiction ages 9 - 12, set in Edinburgh
Floris 2004 The Chaos Quest
Floris 2005 Waterbringers Childrens fiction
Gray, William S. and May Hill Arbuthnot: Scott Foresman Our New Friends (Dick and Jane Series)
Gray, William S. and May Hill Arbuthnot: Scott Foresman, 1946 More Streets & Roads Contents: Road to laughter, Roads of early days, Along animal trails, etc
Helen Ashton Garden City, N Y, Doubleday Doran & Co, 1932 Mackerel Skies   Features Sybil Arbuthnot
Lady Arbuthnot1900ChanceThe story of a dog
Marian Babson St. Martin's Press, NY, 1999 The Company of Cats / The Multiple Cat 0312199244 Reclusive computer millionaire Arthur Arbuthnot mistakenly invites a gossip columnist to redecorate his London flat.When Arbuthnot's corpse is discovered, his greedy relations find that he has left most of his estate to his cat.
Rhys Bowen St Martins Press, 1998 Evan help us 0312194110 Evan Evans is still settling into his role as Constable of Llanfair, a village in North Wales, mainly mediating local disputes. But his duties turn deadly when a prodigal son returns with plans to build a tourist attraction. Passions run deeply for and against the plan, but when two murders come to light, Evan has to do all he can to help Llanfair survive. A character is Colonel Arbuthnot.
Ray Bradbury A graveyard for lunatics 0380812002 Set in 1950s Hollywood, this story begins when a scriptwriter receives an anonymous note inviting him to the Green Glades Cemetery, where he is promised a great revelation. There he finds a dummy of J.C.Arbuthnot, the former head of Maximus Films who died 20 years earlier - or possibly not.
John Buchan Various Greenmantle, The Courts of the Morning, Mr Standfast, The Three Hostages, The Island of Sheep & Others, The League of Heroes (Xavier Mauméjean) p.39 Sandy Arbuthnot, later Lord Clanroyden Based on Hon Colonel Sir Aubrey Herbert (1880-1923 twice offered the throne of Albania), 2nd son of 4th Earl of Carnarvon), later Lord Lucas, but later also reflected Lawrence of Arabia.
Meg Cabot Victoria and The Rogue Lady Victoria Arbuthnot

Lady Victoria Arbuthnot has always done exactly what she wants. So she is delighted when she bags drop- dead- gorgeous Lord Malfrey before she has even got off the boat from India. But then a dashing young sea captain starts spreading stories about her man. Could it be that Victoria's happy ever after with Lord M might not be so happy after all? A totally romantic story with an irresistable heoine.

Elisa deCarlo Aubrey Arbuthot stories
* Strong spirits
* The Devil You Say
Humorous, the overall tone of these books is reminiscent of P.G. Wodehouse. Aubrey Arbuthnot's new-found psychic abilities are a tremendous embarrassment to his wealthy, titled family, but that doesn't stop him from trying to use those abilities to earn some money...
Ken Follett2007World without endChris Arbuthnott ?
Alexander Fullarton .. Floating madhouse . . A naval Arbuthnot features
Michael Gilbert Hodder 1961. Death has deep roots . . Mr Justice Arbuthnot features
H Rider Haggard See under R below
Hsrry Harrison You can be the interactive rat An interactive game book Arbuthnot the rejected features
Philip Hensher Northern Clemency Mrs Anthea Arbuthnot
Jean G Hontz The Moonshine Lady Arbuthnot
Michael Innes (John Innes Mackintosh Stewart) Appleby talking Arbuthnot is paying for a rash decision - he recently married a beautiful but slightly amoral girl whose crazy antics caught his rather cynical professional interest. His wife has taken a lover, Rupert Slade, and Arbuthnot wants nothing more than to see him dead - but the last thing he expected was that he'd walk into his living room and find just that
John Irving Corgi 1982 The hotel New Hampshire Arbuthnot-by-the-Sea features
P.D.James Alfred A Knopf, 2001 Death in Holy Orders Raphael Arbuthnot A Commander Adam Dalgliesh murder mystery with a setting in a small theological college in East Anglia established by Miss Agnes Arbuthnot in 1861.   A student there called Raphael Arbuthnot is one of the main characters
James Kennaway Penguin Household Ghosts (filmed as "Country Dance" aka "Brotherly Love") Charles ("Pink") Henry Arbuthnot Ferguson 0140068775 Great book
Rudyard Kipling The Day's Work. From William the Conqueror - Parts I & II Badger Arbuthnot
Eric Linklater Jonathan Cape 1959 The Merry Muse Max Arbuthnot Immortal impropriety", in the shape of a hitherto unknown manuscript by Robert Burns is found among the effects of a dead schoolmaster of impeccable reputation. Despite the scandal that it threatens, his widow cannot afford to conceal it, for it is worth a great sum of money. Her brother, Max Arbuthnot, takes charge. An Edinburgh lawyer and a rich man, Max at the age of 60 has a rampageous appetite for pleasure and a fine sense of his own importance....."
Pamela Macgregor-Morris 1949 Lucky Purchase The Arbuthnot family took horses a little too far, even into the drawing room! All except young Jane. Jane was just fed up with anything to do with horses or Horse Shows and was the despair of everybody. Until one day at the seaside she met Kitty - that forlorn but lovable old beach pony whose ancient, haggard appearance was the joke of all Bognor. And when Jane saw a bully of a boy beat up poor old Kitty, all her deep love of ponies welled up within her. How Kitty finds a good home, and of her final adventures with the local hunt, is a story that will delight not only horse-lovers but those whose knowledge of horses is confined to roundabouts. Pamela MacGregor-Morris understand the writing of children's books unusually well, and knows at once that even in juveniles all cannot be expected all the time to turn out for the best "in this best of all possible worlds". This is, however, the best possible sequel to TOPPER: and Lionel Edwards illustrations ensure its success and will need no reintroduction to horse-lovers.
Gregory McDonald Fletch's Fortune (1978) & Fletch and the Man Who (1983) A minor character is called Frederica ("Freddy") Arbuthnot
Mike Resnick Return of the dinosaurs (1997) Fictional book
H Rider Haggard When the world shook An account of the great adventure of Bastin, Bickley and Humphrey Arbuthnot
Dorothy L Sayers Various Lord Peter Wimsey crime novels, incl Whose Body?, Strong Poison An occasional character is Hon Freddy Arbuthnot. Rachel Arbuthnot is in Clouds of Witness.
Ronald Searle Down with Skool Sigismond Arbuthnot
Gerald Seymour 2001 The Untouchable Features a lawyer called Henry Arbuthnot
C P Snow The Masters Arbuthnot is the middle name of principal character Prof Crawford.
W Somerset Maugham Short story?
"The Magician" ?
Faith Sullivan Penguin Books, 1988 Cape Ann Minerva Baldwin Arbuthnot Supposed author of a couple of books for children "Happy Stories for Bedtime" and "Stories for Rainy Afternoons."
Frank Sullivan Articles in The New Yorker 1930s and 1940s . Mr Magnus Arbuthnot An expert in cliches
Elizabeth Taylor 1971 Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont Mrs Arbuthnot (played by Anna Massey in the 2005 film) Comedy/drama - Mrs A is vicious
N A Temple-Ellis, pseudonym of N A Holdaway 1929 The Inconsistent Villains The first Montrose Arbuthnot mystery
1930 Methuen & Co The Man who was There The second Montrose Arbuthnot mystery
Angela Thirkell Moyer Bell 1997 Private Enterprise 155921189X The villagers of Barsetshire are all a-twitter when Mrs. Peggy Arbuthnot, a pretty widow, comes to town and moves into Editha Cottage.
Bernard Toms Harcourt, Brace & World, NY, 1965 George Arbuthnott Jarrett A novel about a schizophrenic: George, an uninhibited hellion, and Arbuthnott, a devout, faithful, prudent soul. 
Stephen White 1997 Remote control Larry Arbuthnot, neurologist Mystery novel
Oscar Wilde A woman of no importance Gerald & Mrs Arbuthnot
J Arbuthnot Wilson Pseudonym of (Charles) Grant (Blairfindie) Allen who also used pseudonym Cecil Power



Film Date Role Actor
Agatha Christie's
Murder on the Orient Express
1974 Colonel Arbuthnot Sean Connery
The Altar of Friendship - original comedy play 1902-03. Richard Arbuthnot Nat C Goodwin
As Long As They're Happy 1955 Mrs Arbuthnot Athene Seyler
Blinky 1923 Geoffrey Arbuthnot Islip ("Blinky") Hoot Gibson
Burke and Hare 1972 Arbuthnot Alan Tucker
Why didn't they ask Evans? 1980 Dr George Arbuthnot Rowland Davies
Agatha Christie's
Murder on the Orient Express
2001 Bob Arbuthnot David Hunt
Agatha Christie's
Murder on the Orient Express
2010 John Arbuthnot David Morrissey
Early edition - Fatal edition, part I 1999 Jake Arbuthnot Leland Crooke
Getting It Right 1989 Mrs Arbuthnot Aimée Delamain
Keeper  of the Flame 1942 Mr Arbuthnot Donald Meeks
North Square 2000 Judge Michael Arbuthnot
The Poor Rich 1934 Arbuthnot Sidney Bracey
Tickets for the Titanic - Pastoral Care 1988 Arbuthnot Victoria Wicks
The Promise 2010 Major John Arbuthnot Pip Torrens
Calculus - a play by Prof. Carl Djerassi 2002 - 2004 Mrs Arbuthnot
Dr John Arbuthnot
Susan Sheridan
Nigel Forde
Mrs Arbuthnot
Dr John Arbuthnot
Wanda McCaddon
John Ayles
The Avengers - Death à la carte 1963 Arbuthnot Ken Parry
Elizabeth von Arnim's Enchanted April 1991 Rose Arbuthnot Miranda Richardson
Frederick ArbuthnotArbuthnot is a best-selling British author of scandalous books and the chaser of beautiful young women, circa 1922
The Last Supper 1995 Norman Arbuthnot Ron Perlman

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Game Date Scenario Kind
"Hold Up!" Murder mystery game for 8-30 people Blue Murder Games James (San Francisco lawyer and potential mayoral candidate) & Jeanine Arbuthnot feature Murder mystery game in PDF format
"Wooden ships & Iron Men"
adapted into a computer game "Sail"
Avalon Hill 1975 (Admiral Marriot) Arbuthnot & Des Touches 16 March 2024 War game
All new world of lemmings   Craig Arbuthnott - Level designer Strategy computer game   Sir Reginald Arbuthnot,
engineering advisor India 1780
Computer game?


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