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The concept behind this page is to list places in which the name
Arbuthnot or Arbuthnott appears,  There are more on Other sites of possible interest.
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Name What Where Comment

*   *    *   *     EUROPE    *    *   *   *

Aberluthnott Parish Kincardineshire The parish was formed by the union of Marykirk (C of S) with Muirtown and Marykirk (UFC).
Arbuthnott Village Between Aberdeen and Dundee "Aber" means the influx of a small stream into a greater stream. "Aber" can also mean "mouth of" as in Aberdeen. "Both" or "Bothena" is a baronial residence. "Nethea" has been described as the stream that descends or is lower than something else in the neighbourhood.
Arbuthnott Village Text about the Church, Grassic Gibbon Centre, etc
Arbuthnott House Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire
Arbuthnott House
The Kirk of St Ternan Church Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire
The Kirk of St Ternan
The Kirk of St Ternan
Arbuthnot Road Road Loanhead, Midlothian
Arbuthnot House House Falkirk Falkirk B & B, noone knows why it is so called
Arbuthnot House House Broad St, Peterhead AB42 1DA .
Arbuthnot Street Street Stonehaven
Arbuthnot Street Street Camelon, Falkirk
Arbuthnott Lodge House Ferntower Road, Crieff, Perthshire PH7 3DH This house was given its name by Alfred Saunders Barron, MA (born New Blyth 10 Apr 1890, ordained 16 Sept 1925, ret'd 5 Sept 1967, died 10 Nov 1973), Minister of Arbuthnott 1925 until 19 Oct 2023 when he was transferred to Longside. He was transferred to Auchtertool Feb 1956 and to Monyfeith North and Newbigging 5 Sept 1957. He was son of George Barron schoolmaster and of Robina ("Ina") Eliza Gray Collier; he married 6 Sept 2023 Alice Ann Mary Mitchell, dau of Alexander Mitchell, store manager of Kintore. He lived at the house during the 1960s. It then passed to his daughter Lucy Maud Mackey and was then sold to Mr & Mrs Lloyd Cromwell Griffiths who sold it to Mr & Mrs John William Miller. In 1986 it was sold to the present owners.
Arbuthnot Road Road Hackney, London SE14, England
Arbuthnot Lane Road Bexleyheath, London DA5, England Named after William Urquhart Arbuthnot, JP
Arbuthnot Terrace Road Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
The Arbuthnot Hall Hall Shamley Green, Surrey

*   *    *   *    AFRICA     *    *   *   *

Building Cape Town Gifted by P S-M Arbuthnot
Arbuthnot Street Main road Scottburgh, Natal Named after James Arbuthnot of Table M.
Lady Arbuthnot's Chamber Room Great Pyramid, Egypt Presumably named after an Arbuthnot of Edinburgh Baronet's wife

*   *    *   *    NORTH AMERICA    *    *   *   *

Arbuthnot cemetery Cemetery Greensburg, St Helena Parish, LA 70441 54 miles s of Woodville, Table 3
Arbuthnot cemetery Cemetery nr Irving, Tama Co., Iowa
Arbuthnot Hall Hall Western Oregon College of Education
Arbuthnot's Store Store Tampa Bay, Florida Alexander Arbuthnot (who was hanged by Jackson)
Arbuthnot Lake
Arbuthnot Lake Falls
Lake Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington One of the Galena Chain lakes; .
The source of the name is buried in Charles F. Easton's "Mt. Baker: Stories, Legends and Explorations." "Arbuthnot was suggested 1906 as an appropriate name for the fourth lake, after Mr James Arbuthnot, of Arbuthnot and Davis the two miners who tunnelled through the ridge between it and Natatorium Lake and with 52 sticks of giant powder blew out the face of the tunnel and lowered the surface of Natatorium 9 feet by drawing off the water through this drainage tube, for the purpose of exposing a vein of ore just in the edge of the lake." (Jeff Jewell, Whatcom Museum)
Arbuthnot Street Street Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Named after John Arbuthnot, Mayor of Winnipeg 1900-1903
Arbuthnot Hamlet Saskatchewan, Canada Named after Sir Robert Keith Arbuthnot Bt (1864- 1916) or (less probably) after John Arbuthnot.  Arbuthnot, Saskatchewan is located about 150 kilometres southwest of the City of Moose Jaw, just off of secondary road #611.  While it does still appear on the map, the community was never incorporated as a village or town and is not listed in the municipal directory. From Bill Barry’s “People Places: A Historical Gazetteer of Saskatchewan” Former Canadian Pacific railway siding (Post Office open 1932-69) north of Meyronne, SK.  The preferred name of the settlers had been Stapleton after a pioneer settler, but the CPR held firm on its choice for its siding and the post office followed suit. The Rural Municipal office put out a history book shown 1 2 and 3.

*   *    *   *    ASIA  &  AUSTRALASIA     *   *   *   *

Arbuthnot Road Road Hong Kong Named after George Arbuthnot of the Treasury and the Colonial Civil Service (1802-1865).
Arbuthnot House Hong Kong Hong Kong
Arbuthnot House for sale Hong Kong
Arbuthnot Road Road Tarwin Lower, Victoria, Australia Named after the Arbuthnots of Table 11.
Alexander Arbuthnot paddle-steamer
Arbuthnot sawmill Saw-mill
Arbuthnot Parade Benowa Waters, QLD
Arbuthnot Street Street Kelmscott, W Aus
Arbuthnot Range Range of hills NSW, Australia Named by John Oxley, explorer, 1818

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